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Deana Carter - I'm Just A Girl
CD and Website Review by Jim Weaver

Deana Carter has one of the sweetest voices in country music today. It's soft, sexy, hypnotic, it oozes with life experience and when you combine it with her obvious good looks that's what I call a country star! Deana's new CD I'm Just A Girl hits stores this week and for many fans it's been a long wait. Well fans your 4-year wait is over. And what a terrific CD to forge a comeback with. Her first single from the CD is titled "There's No Limit" and has already reached Top 20 chart status in both R&R and Billboard Magazines. This is not a hard-core country CD but who would expect that from Deana? This is pop/country but it's good. It's also an album you cant take your ears off of, making you feel good and a little carefree. Deana has written or co-written all 12 songs on the CD and co-produced the title track with legendary Nashville producer Dann Huff. Her talent and knock'em dead smile really shine on the song "I'm Just A Girl",  you'll hang on every word of "Waiting" and if you're wondering why the cover looks like a magazine just listen to "Cover Of A Magazine" and it will all make sense. If you're relatively new to country music Deana is a great starter CD for you, if you've been a Deana fan for a while I'm Just A Girl is for you.

Rating: Buy It!

Website Review:
I hate that I have to give this website a bad review... but I do. First off it's a Flash site that takes over 2 minutes to load and that's if you have a true 56K connection, 4 minutes or more at 28.8K. There's is no HTML or low bandwidth alternative and I think by now you know how I feel about that. Visually and functionally it's
great, very pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate. But there's not a whole lot to do or see. You can look at some pictures but you can't download them, you can buy her new album but there's no information or place to order her previous albums, I can't find any fan club information on the site, no contact info, no message board, no chat, no downloads, heck even the "Welcome Message" on the main page hasn't been updated since January. Come on people it's 2003, get with the program. Your fans are waiting! Oh, it's a singing site too () so turn down those speakers at work.

Rating: Needs More Stuff!


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