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Dierks Bentley - Self-titled CD
CD Review by Cheryl Harvey Hill

CD Review:
Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, Dierks Bentley moved to Nashville when he was nineteen. "I don't have a storybook tale to tell, as many entertainers do, about growing up in a musical family," he says. "Everything I learned musically, I had to learn on my own. My country music education has consisted of listening to a lot records and spending a lot of time listening and playing in Nashville bars and clubs."

After hearing his new album, I'd say he's a pretty astute listener and his learn-as-you-go education has been most effective. The Nashville influence is clearly reflected on this CD and it shows that he is ready to graduate with honors in the total entertainer category. Whether it is the poignant "My Last Name" or the boot-scootin' "Bartenders, etc..."; he was clearly a student of the traditional masters -- in lilt and lyric.

Bentley wrote or co-wrote eleven of the thirteen songs on this album. He says that he "loves traditional country music and as a writer, he understands the importance of keepin' it country and keepin' it real, but also [the importance] of trying to take the music somewhere new." This Enhanced CD -- which contains additional information, links to relevant sites and the "What Was I Thinkin'" video -- accurately reflects his sentiments and is a first-class example of consummate country.

Dierks Bentley debut CD track list:

1. What Was I Thinkin' 
2. Wish It Would Break 
3. Forget About You 
4. I Can Only Think Of One 
5. My Last Name
6. Bartenders, etc... 
7. Is Anybody Loving You These Days 

8. My Love Will Follow You 
9. How Am I Doin' 
10. Distant Shore 
11. I Bought The Shoes 
12. Whiskey Tears 
13. Train Travelin' (with The Del McCoury Band) 

Rating: Buy It!

Website Review by Jim Weaver:
Warning! Singing Site, the good news is the controls are easy to find to turn it off. Very little FLASH used, just on the music controls. By the way if you don't have FLASH installed on your computer you may not be able to turn off the music... bad thing. Simple, nice looking design, easy to find what your looking for, no surprises but overall this is quality work and better than most newcomers offer.

Rating: Good Job!

Please visit the
website for yourself.

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