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Hank Williams Jr. - I'm One Of You
Album Review by: Cheryl Harvey Hill

From the first chord to the last note, I'm One Of You is solid affirmation that one of the most rebel rousing artists to ever hit Nashville has come of age and delightfully matured. Hank Williams Jr. has, unquestionably, found his own voice and is not content to just claim a place in country music history as the heir to a legend ... instead, he has carved his own unique musical niche', and one-of-a-kind celebrity, into the country music history books.

As beneficiary of a family tradition that was often nurtured on controversy, his early years were tabloid fodder while he struggled to live up to the legend of his famous, often capricious, father. The days of being better known for his raucous escapades than for his music have finally passed. This album guarantees it. You will find no rowdy friends or kids in the mix on this CD. The only voice you will hear singing along, will be your own; guaranteed.

There's one other thing that I found interesting about this album. It's actually pretty amazing how much you can glean from a photo. All of the photos on the liner notes are really nice but there is much more there than just nice reflecting from these images. Look closely. Especially at the back cover. Or the inside of the front cover. When is the last time you saw a smile that conveys that much? This is a smile that radiates confidence and contentment. "They" say a picture is worth a thousand words so you get a mega bonus here. I'm One Of You has some of the best music I've ever heard to compliment the wonderful photos.

There are eleven songs on this album and half of them are just downright, solid, foot stompin', lift your spirits fun. All of them are really good. It appears that all that rollicking, hell raisin', sass talkin' that Williams Jr. has been doing all this time was no more than drawn out puberty. This album demonstrates that he is telling us the truth when he says, "I'm One Of You." Baby boomers, preppies, yuppies, hippies ... yep, turns out that behind those sunglasses, he is one of you -- and all of you. And he's singing your life. Now, how cool is that?

I'm One Of You track list: Buy It!

1. Amos Moses 
2. Liquor To Like Her 
3. Just Enough To Get In Trouble 
4. I'm One Of You 
5. What's On The Bar 
6. Games People Play 

7. Waylon's Guitar 
8. Why Don't We All Get A Long Neck?/Jambalaya 
9. American Offline 
10. Guitar Money 
11. Devil In The Bottle

Website Review by Jim Weaver:
Help! Hank's site needs help! Before we go any further I want you to know I love Hank Jr., I love his music, I love his attitude... but I do not love his website. I don't hate it, the site offers a lot of information, a few pictures, tons of stuff to spend your money on but it's obvious that there's not a lot of time, money or thought put into the design of the site. Just simple things like having a menu on every page would be nice, I hate being forced to return to the main page every time I want to navigate to somewhere else within the site. The two big gray buttons right under the navigation links on the main page don't work and they crowd the text.  I know I'll probably get hate mail from Hank Jr. fans, management and the site designer but that won't change my mind, his site needs help.

Rating: Needs a lot of work.

Please visit the
website for yourself

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