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Jeff Bates
Rainbow Man

CD Review by Jim Weaver

CD Review:
Incredible is not a strong enough word to describe the powerful voice of Jeff Bates on his debut album Rainbow Man, but it's the first word that came to mind. Since it's a Top 10 hit I'm sure you've already heard the first single "The Love Song", but wait till you hear the rest of the CD. You've probably also heard the comparisons being made of Jeff's voice and that of country legend Conway Twitty... well it's true, he does sound like Conway in so many ways. However I don't think it's intentional, he's not trying to sound like anybody, he just simply does sound like one of his music heroes. This is something that I think we'll see, or rather hear, a lot of in the near future, this guy sounds like that guy, this gal sounds like that one. Every generation needs it's country music heroes and  Jeff Bates has a distinct enough voice and style to really set him apart from rest of the pack. Fact is to us over 35 he does sound like Conway, but to the younger folk Jeff is a brand new voice in country music.

Jeff has really grown up the hard way, he has been so far down that he ended up in jail. The good news is he's bounced all the way back up to doing exactly what he's always wanted to do, write music and sing it for you. He's lived the hard life and you can hear that maturity and experience through his voice and in his songs. Jeff co-wrote every song on his debut CD and some of my favs are...

"My Inlaws Are Outlaws" - "... and they ain't wanted here"... What a great relatable song, doesn't everyone have at least one relative like this?

"Already Spent" - No need to worry about money, what's coming in has already gone out! How true is that?

"The Wings Of Mama's Prayers" - What boy doesn't like a good mama song?

"Country Enough" - Honky Tonk at it's finest.

"The Love Song" - Well, you already know this one.

If you're looking for pop-country don't look here. Jeff Bates may be a new face but he has a classic voice and I highly recommend this CD to anyone who loves country music.

Rating: Buy it!

Website Review by Jim Weaver:
Good looking site, a little too basic though. This is the kind of site that has great potential, it's not a Flash monster, it looks great, there's just not a lot to it yet. Good bio information, cut by cut song descriptions but no music clips. (gotta have music clips!) It has a few publicity photos but none with fans or in concert. No fan club information yet, no chat or message board, no screensavers or wallpaper. No tour information, no merchandise, no links page. The site looks great, it just needs more stuff.

Rating: Needs More!

Please visit the website for yourself.


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