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Jessica Andrews - Now
CD and Website Review by Jim Weaver

CD Review:
Martina and Faith better move over just a bit and prepare some room at the top because a youngster is shoving aside the competition on her way up the country Divas ladder. Nineteen year old Jessica Andrews has made significant strides in her 3rd CD titled Now. Not only has she grown up before our very eyes to become a beautiful young woman, but you can really hear that coming-of-age maturity in this CD. If you're looking for hard-core country, this ain't it. However if you like today's pop/country sound sung by a gal that is not ashamed of her sweet southern bell accent, you'll love this. Now offers a little bit of everything for the Jessica fan, fun songs, love songs, serious songs, they're all here. Her first single, "There's More To Me Than You", is a Top 20 hit on both the Billboard and R&R singles charts and just happens to be one of my favs on the album. Other songs I really liked... "Now", "When Gentry Plays Guitar", "I Wish For You" and the last song on the CD "Good Time". Not that the rest of the CD is a dog, not by a long shot... in fact it's great! One of the nifty features on her website is the liner notes with Jessica giving you a little insight to each of the songs on the CD. When writing about "Good Time" she says "Iím alive, Iím happy, and Iím having a great time making music"... the really good news is, I'm having a great time listening to it!

Rating: Buy it!

Website Review:
Well I was all ready to give this site the big thumbs down and then a really strange thing happened, they changed it around when the CD was released. DOH! It was a Honkin' Huge Flash Site before and while it still uses Flash and there is not an HTML alternative it's just not the bandwidth eating monster it once was. It still needs some work though, there's just not as much here as a fan would like. You can find a few photos to browse through, but you really have to dig for them. There are some really cool videos and interviews on the main page but to go back and start another one you have to reload the page again, how about a back button at the conclusion of the video? For some reason the song clips load very slowly, I have a broadband connection and they took forever to start playing, very irritating. Be sure you check out the video of her latest single "There's More To Me Than You"... the slow version, it could have been a hit either way! Overall the site is great looking, it just doesn't seem complete.

Rating: Needs More!

Please visit Jessica's website for yourself

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