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Jimmy Wayne - Jimmy Wayne
CD Review by 
Jim Weaver

CD Review:
Holy Moly! To say I'm impressed would be a major understatement, this guy is really good. I have to admit when I read his bio it made me want to cheer him on to the success that he deserves. Jimmy Wayne had a very rough start in life, he's worked extremely hard to get where he is, and "where he is" is the release of his very first album.

Jimmy's self-titled debut on Dreamworks Records is a new-country masterpiece. Don't look for a traditional sound here, a few of the tracks are "mainstream" enough to fit right in with today's country radio like his first release "Stay Gone", and others like "Paper Angles", "Just A Dream", and "I Love You This Much"... but for the most part your going to hear some different stuff from Jimmy Wayne. And it's real good. Jimmy describes his sound as; Country with a little bit of soul influences added to it. I want to write and sing songs that people can relate to, songs that have a real heartfelt message.

Eight of the twelve cuts on this CD are co-written by Jimmy and he pours his heart and soul into each one. You can hear the maturity that a hard start at life can bring in every song.

Anyone who can write and perform a song like "Stay Gone", which is a really nice way of saying "whatever you do, don't come back", and make it sound like a love song is A-OK with me.

Although I like a number of songs on this CD I think my personal favorite and the most telling song on the album "I Love You This Much". Great writing.

Rating: Buy it!

Website Review by Jim Weaver:
Disappointment personified... As far as I know Jimmy Wayne does not have his own website yet, just the one provided by Dreamworks Records. It uses a rather large Flash file and it's not very "fan friendly", it's more of a good resource for radio, TV  and webmasters like me. The sites created by the artists are usually for the fans. Don't get me wrong, Dreamworks site looks great, it's just made for many artists, not just the one focused on here. So the rating will have to be...

Rating: Needs Much More!

Please visit the
website for yourself.


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