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Kelly Lang - It's About Time (Destiny Row Records)
CD Review by Cheryl Harvey Hill

It's About Time, a new album by the multi-talented Kelly Lang, displays a depth of passion that is most often associated with only legendary singers. Her voice reflects country music in one of its most beautiful, simple, yet eloquent, forms.

An accomplished artist -- in music and painting -- her more than capable songwriting ability is aptly demonstrated in this album. She wrote or co-wrote nine of the twelve songs on the album. Although all of the songs are good, my favorite ones are "You Complete Me" and the moving "Looking Down."

"You Complete Me" is a simple ode to love and although the impact is subtle, it still has the kick of an emotional mule. Anyone who has ever been in love will recognize the feelings as Lang serenades the romantic in all of us.

"Looking Down," although equally beautiful, is really tough to listen to if you, or someone close to you, is a parent who has lost a spouse. In the song a child draws a picture, sticks it on the fridge and says, "Mama come and see there you are holding my hand and there's our puppy playing in the sand. And that's our house and my swing in the tree and if you look real close you can see Daddy -- looking down from the big blue sky, he's looking down, watching over you and I. Mama don't you cry." As sad as those words sound, the message of this song is uplifting and provides a profound lesson about faith, simply illustrated by a child's crayons. Brilliantly written, and masterfully sung, by Lang.

It's About Time, isn't just the name of her album, it is also what music fans will be saying from coast to coast, and around the world, after they hear it. Twelve songs for boot-scootin' and boo-hooin'. Life set to music - accurately encapsulating the ups and downs of it. Lang has more than enough vocal acuity and beauty to completely captivate an audience -- in fact, her eyes alone are probably enough to do that -- the rest is just a bonus. Encore!

It's About Time  track list: 

1. Goodbye Darlin’ 
2. Something ‘Bout Ya 
3. You Complete Me 
4. Down In Destin 
5. Party Time 
6. He’s To Good To Be Blue
7. Single Mother 
8. Feels Like Home 
9. These Are Them 
10. Looking Down 
11. When We Loved Here 
12. Down On My Knees 


Rating: Buy it!

Please visit the website for yourself.

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