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Kentucky Headhunters - Soul
CD Review by Cheryl H. Hill

CD Review:
The promo blurb accompanying this CD describes the album as "a little bit country and rockabilly with a twist of blues" ... this is an apt description and the music is delivered with the ultimate three P's that epitomize great music; passion, power and perfection.  

Although they list the genre as "pop" on their website, I think it would be a definite mistake to pigeon hole this album.  There is something for everyone here and none of it really strays too far from country to alienate true country music fans; at least not the grass roots country music that I was raised on.  Soulful and bluesy have been an integral part in a lot of great music -- whatever the genre -- traditional country is no exception.

On their website it says, "The band calls [Soul] the most honest and passionate Headhunters music in years."  I certainly agree.  The album also reflects their personal and professional growth as artists and musicians.  The album is worth purchasing just to hear the incredible guitar playing and also the masterful piano of one of the best blues pianist in the world, Johnnie Johnson.

The final cut on the album is "What You See Is What You Get (Give Me Some Skin)."  In this case, the skin refers to the drums and the drum solo at the end of this cut will reverberate your spirit to a new level.  If you had any doubts that country music could rock your Soul, this CD will enlighten you as it entertains you.  Kudos to the Headhunters.  No one will ever look at folks from Kentucky the same way again.

Rating: Try it, then Buy it!

Website Review by Jim Weaver:
Nice job!
Simple, tons of pictures, not one FLASH file to contend with and easy to navigate. One thing you have to watch out for is the "sneaky sound file". There's a song file that can suddenly catch you off guard when you're browsing through the photo albums. Because of that we'll have to make this one a "Singing Site". Other than that this is a fun site, a true testament to the guys in the band. There's an amazing amount of concert photos and photos with fans and celebs alike. Plenty of sound files for you check out and see if you like it before you buy it too. Good job guys, give your webmaster a hug. 

Rating: Good Job!

Please visit the website for yourself.


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