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LeAnn Rimes - Greatest Hits (Limited Edition)
CD Review by Cheryl Harvey Hill

With the success of one song, Leann Rimes forever raised the bar for singers of all genres for all time. She was, and still is, the personification of talent. Peerless. So it is not surprising that at the ripe old age of only twenty-one, she has amassed enough Greatest Hits to fill up an album. And fill it up, she does. There are nineteen tracks; fifteen greatest hits and four new tracks. There is also a bonus DVD with four complete videos. 

It was 1997 when I first met the then thirteen-year-old phenomenon. It was after a concert and she was sitting all alone at a table backstage. She was signing only her first name to a stack of publicity photos. Why not, I thought, who doesn't know who "Leann" is. One thing was very clear as I watched her later during the meet and greet, she knew exactly who she was. She was composed and sternly professional; displaying a maturity and self-confidence that we most often attribute to age. This was not your average child. This was a young person, wise beyond her years, who was on a mission. She had taken a solid foothold on the ladder of success and there was no doubt which direction she was going. 

Her smash hit, "Blue," made her the youngest performer in country music history to debut at number one on the sales charts. The skeptics who predicted that she was a "one-hit wonder" had to quickly eat their words when "One Way Ticket (Because I Can)" burst onto the charts quickly followed by "Unchained Melody." She was not only the youngest entertainer, but also the first country music entertainer in history, to win a Grammy for Best New Vocalist. She won a second Grammy for Best Female Country Vocal Performance for "Blue." Despite her well-publicized struggles through puberty, and negative critics who accused her of abandoning the genre that made her, she has allowed us to witness a fascinating metamorphosis. Now displaying a physical beauty that is akin to that dynamic voice, she is just getting started. 

With a new husband, a new children's book and a very cool new commercial for Dr. Pepper that contains some really great harmony with, the one and only, Reba, she has continued to grow as an artist and entertainer. It wasn't her plan to just succeed. She set her sights on high achievement, and she never loses site of that goal. 

This Greatest Hits collection is as eclectic and captivating as Rimes, herself. If you like good music, and aren't concerned about limiting yourself to one genre, you won't be disappointed. 

01. Blue 
02. How Do I Live 
03. Can't Fight The Moonlight 
04. One Way Ticket (Because I Can) 
05. Commitment 
06. I Need You 
07. Written In The Stars 
08. Unchained Melody 
09. The Light In Your Eyes 
10. On The Side Of Angels 
11. You Light Up My Life 
12. Nothin' New Under The Moon 
13. Big Deal 
14. Life Goes On 
15. We Can 
16. Last Thing On My Mind 
17. This Love 
18. Crazy 
19. O Holy Night 

DISC 2 (Limited Edition DVD) 
Blue - video 
How Do I Live - video 
Can't Fight The Moonlight - video 
We Can - video 

Rating: Buy it!

Website Review by Jim Weaver:
LeAnn Rimes website is a puzzlement to me, it's well designed, colorful and full of content yet some of the basics are stumbled over in my opinion. First off... Singing Site Alert! Lord knows I love to hear LeAnn sing, but I want to have the control over when she starts. It is a FLASH site with no Low-Bandwidth HTML alternative, although it's not a honkin' huge FLASH site. It has a members only section with no indication (that I could find) on how to become a member. And no links page. As I said before it does have plenty of good content though, including; pictures of the star and the star with fans, wallpapers, icons even a video download. The Angels Guide is pretty cool, it includes book suggestions by LeAnn, music buys, movies she likes and even a recipe from Martha Stewart. I don't know how often this page is updated by it's a very personable feature for an artists' site. Overall I think it's a very well done site, however it could be a little bit better.

Rating: Pretty Darn Good! 

Please visit the website for yourself.

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