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Lee Ann Womack - Greatest Hits (MCA Nashville)
CD Review by Cheryl Harvey Hill

The evolution of Lee Ann Womack over the past several years has been a most fascinating and delectable metamorphosis to witness. The first time I saw her in concert, "Never Again, Again" had just hit radio and she was opening for Clay Walker at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. Like everyone else, who was seeing her for the first time, I was astonished that such a powerful voice was coming from this very petite, and extremely shy, little brunette. The next time I saw her, she had won so many awards that I had lost track and her debut album had gone platinum - which ironically, now matched her hair. The confidence level of the diminutive and demure brunette was clearly reflected in her new stature as a charismatic, confident blonde and her musical acuity was equally refined and beautiful.

Womack's Greatest Hits contains fourteen super songs - seven top ten singles (including four that made it to number one), her duet with Willie Nelson ("Mendocino County Line") and two brand new songs. One of the new songs, "The Wrong Girl," is already making a move up the charts. In addition to the great music, the CD insert offers up a visual bonus with some cool photos from Womack's personal scrapbook.

There isn't much I can say about her illustrious career that hasn't already been said. Womack has solidly carved her own niche in country music and, with her dynamic and soulful hit "I Hope You Dance," she made an equally impressive mark on pop radio. The little girl with the big voice has made quite a name for herself and has reached a place where she can relax and enjoy the perks of her hard-earned fame. When asked about her career these days, Womack replies, "I'm having a lot more fun. I'm writing a lot more. I'm playing piano and guitar again." Sounds to me like another Greatest Hits is already in the works.

Lee Ann Womack -
Greatest Hits  track list: 

1 Never Again, Again 
2 You've Got To Talk To Me 
3 The Fool 
4 A Little Past Little Rock 
5 (Now You See Me) Now You Don't 
6 I'll Think Of A Reason Later 
7 I Hope You Dance 
8 Ashes By Now 
9 Why They Call It Falling 
10 Something Worth Leaving Behind 
11 Mendocino County Line 
12 Does My Ring Burn Your Finger 
13 The Wrong Girl 
14 Time For Me To Go


Rating: Buy it!

Website Review by Jim Weaver: 
Lee Ann Womack's website is a beautifully done all FLASH site, and you know how I feel about all FLASH sites, they are the future but there's a lot of us out here still surfing the net at very slow connection speeds like 56K and even 28K. Until the vast majority of browsers are surfing with broadband then you need to have an HTML alternative so all of your fans have easy access to you. The only other complaint I have is it's a "Singing Site", when it opens the music is going to play and there's no way to turn it off. No other problems with it at all, it's an exceptional example of a  well laid-out site with plenty to see and do. So obey the LAW and go check out her site!

Rating:   Good!

Fan Rating:


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