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Mark Chesnutt - Savin' The Honky Tonk 
Vivaton Records 
Album Review by Cheryl Harvey Hill 

Honky Tonk music is an integral part of our country music heritage and with Mark Chesnutt leading the campaign for Savin' The Honky Tonk, we are in good hands. Even better news, you no longer need rowdybeer drinkin' friends, a room full of cigarette smoke and sawdust on the floor to get the full experience. You can simply put Chesnutt's new album in your CD player, belly-up to a bar (a kitchen counter will do) and let the music transport you back to where it all started.

The colorful honky tonks throughout America gave birth to a unique style of music and today they have become the incubators that keep that music alive. Chesnutt artfully delivers the distinctiveness of this music with absolute ease and acoustical ambiance. It is also evident that he is aware of the fact that there is something about the resonating sound of a steel guitar that is utterly captivating.

With his father, Bob, as his mentor and major influence, Chesnutt honed his traditional singing style in the honky tonks of Texas before making his way to Nashville. He was obviously a sagacious pupil since his resume' to date lists fourteen number one hits, twenty-three top ten singles, four platinum albums and five gold records.

On this album Chesnutt has skillfully put together fifteen songs that will have bona fide honky tonkers across the country shouting, "amen!" while those who have never even been near a honky tonk before will suddenly experience a profound and unexplainable craving for beer and peanuts by the second stanza of the very first song; "Somebody Save The Honky Tonks." This is the only song on the album that Chesnutt had a hand in writing and the catchy lyrics, along with the easy sliding melody, will definitely leave you hoping that he will write more for future albums.

Lee Ann Womack makes a guest appearance to sing harmony on the classic Cochran/Lane/Gosdin penned "Would These Arms Be In Your Way." Overall, the list of writers who contributed to this album is impressive and the quality of the material reflects this fact.

This is Chesnutt's debut album for the Vivaton Records label but this endeavor reunites him with Shelia Shipley Biddy, Executive VP National Promotion and Artist Development, who he credits for the bulk of his previous successes. He says, "Vivaton is a good place for me to be. It just feels right."

Well, I know one thing for certain after listening to Savin' the Honky Tonk ... even after the twentieth time or so we're glad it feels right to Chesnutt 'cause it sure sounds right to the rest of us.

Rating: BUY IT!

Mark Chesnutt - Savin' The Honky Tonk track list: 

1. Somebody Save The Honky Tonks 
2. I'm A Saint 
3. The Lord Loves The Drinkin' Man 
4. Would These Arms Be In Your Way 
5. You Can't Do Me This Way 
6. A Hard Secret To Keep 
7. What Are We Doing In Love 
8. Don't Ruin It For The Rest Of Us
9. Mama's House 
10. Since You Ain't Home 
11. Think Like A Woman 
12. Then We Can All Go Home 
13. Beer Bait And Ammo 
14. My Best Drinkin' 
15. Honky Tonk Heroes 

Website:  www.MarkChesnutt.com & www.savinthehonkytonk.com 

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Real People Reviews

This is some of the best music I have heard in a long time. I do not like all the new hip hop country. I am an old school music fan. I am in my 30's and music like this is better than any new country out there. When my friends and I get together to pick on flat tops this is the kind of music we play. I can tell you it won't be long and we will be playing Beer Bait and Ammo. 
Jim Walls - Odessa MO

I have always liked Mark Chestnutt ! I had the pleasure to see him do "Saving The Honkey Tonk" live on the G A C channel, I could not believe my ears. What a song, what a true Country song!! Then he sang "God Loves A Drinking Man". The new style of staying right in the song was outstanding. When he said these songs were on his new CD , I knew I had to have it . There are still some of us true Country fans left, this CD was truly a gift to us. Thank You Mark Chestnutt, we still Love You , give us more , and Merry Christmas! 
Ron in Illinois

Without a doubt the best singer in Country today, even George Jones thinks so too! A real return to form (though every CD of Marks has some gems!). Really strong songs , performed well and the best singing of Mark's career. My favourite; "A Hard Secret To Keep". This should be album of the year, with apologies to Travis Tritt's great release Honky Tonk History.
Greg Droney

I live in a little town in Texas called Winnie where Mark played at a little "HONKY TONK" about 25 miles west of Marks hometown in Beaumont, called Cowboys. This was before he made it big. He was Great then and even better now. Savin 'The Honky Tonk' is some the best music I have ever herd and is the first CD I ever bought that I liked all the cuts. Keep making good music Mark!
Armond J Miller

Mark Chesnutt is a great singer, I think he has found a good home with Vivaton Records. This is a Mark Chesnutt album. I went to www.savinthehonkytonk.com and heard the album, it will be a CD I will have to buy. I love the good ole Honky Tonk music and this is it. I think this is a real Mark Chesnutt record. Well, lets all go save the Honky Tonk, pass me a Miller Lite. 
Justin McCreary

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