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Montgomery Gentry - You Do Your Thing (Sony Music Nashville)
CD Review by Cheryl Harvey Hill

For the die-hard, play-it-loud fans of this rollicking, "Hell, Yeah!" duo, the beat goes on. Most of the twelve songs on this CD have their trademark, in-your-face delivery but I'm pleased to report that there are a few sweet, soft ballads that reflect their gentler, sentimental side too.

There are several songs on the album with thoughtful lyrics, starting with the very first song, "Something To Be Proud Of." Unfortunately, you have to listen closely to hear the words over the dominant instrumentals. The second song, "You Do Your Thing," starts softly, but they quickly rev up the tempo and let the drums drive. In fact, after this point there isnít a place to catch your breath until the fifth track, titled "She Loved Me." On this song, the dynamic duo finally shifts to a lower gear. This soft, sentimental ballad is a nice reprieve from the rowdiness of the first four songs but the quiet doesnít last long. The very next track shifts back into high gear and continues that speed for the next four songs before slowing down once again for "I Ain't Got It All That Bad." This is a nice, easy to listen to, ballad with a positive message but "Talking To My Angel," is my favorite on this album. The vocal harmonies, and the beautiful lyrics on this song, are right on target and delivered with believable sincerity.

With the first single, "If You Ever Stop Loving Me," already in the top ten on both R&R and Billboard and the video sitting at number two on CMT's "Top 20 Countdown" as I'm writing this, it's a real no-brainer. Is their success going to continue? To borrow a phrase from a well-known former hit of theirs that you most certainly have heard, "Hell, Yeah!"

Rating: BUY IT!

Montgomery Gentry - You Do Your Thing  track list: 

1. Something To Be Proud Of 
2. You Do Your Thing 
3. If You Ever Stop Loving Me 
4. If It's The Last Thing I Do 
5. She Loved Me 
6. Gone 
7. All I Know About Mexico 
8. I Got Drunk 
9. It's All Good 
10. I Ain't Got It All That Bad 
11. Talking To My Angel 
12. I Never Thought I'd Live This Long 


Website Review by Jim Weaver: 
It's another fine site by the guys at MusicCityNet.net! It is a FLASH site however, at the bottom of the page you have an HTML alternative for slower web connections. It would be nice if they would start the site with a Splash Page that gives you the option before the FLASH site loads but beggars can't be choosers. Bottom line, this is a great site that gives you plenty to see and do and read about MG. 

Rating:   Nice Site!

Fan Rating:


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