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Rascal Flatts
Artist Profile and Website Review by Jim Weaver

First off congratulations are in order for these guys... 2002 CMA Horizon Award Winners, #1 selling CD on the Billboard Country Albums Chart with Melt, Top 5 Single with "These Days" in both Radio & Records and Billboard. Plus from what I hear... chicks dig 'em. It's Jay DeMarcus, Gary LeVox, and Joe Don Rooney better known as Rascal Flatts. What they're doing "These Days" is making great music. Their debut album sold over a million copies and garnered them four Top 10 hits... I think Melt is even better. Great songs,  impeccable harmonies and overall a very upbeat album. This ain't no Boy Band, these are three terrific musicians, singers and song-writers who've come together at the right time to bring us some great country music. Buy it!

Website Review: Rascal Flatts' website is a great combination of Flash technology and HTML. Never thought you would hear me say that did you! The reason for it is this site uses the Flash stuff only at the top of the page so it's not what I like to call a Honkin-Huge Flash Site. And it's not a "Singing Site", the music clips are there for every song on the album but none of them load and play as soon as you open the site, thank goodness. It's going to have a "Fans Only Section" in the near future which I'm not real fond of but I understand the reasons for it. You'll find streaming audio, video, song lyrics, bio information, photos, news, tour info and more!
Overall: Good job.

Rating: Pretty Darn Good! 



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