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Rascal Flatts - Feels Like Today
Lyric Street Records
CD Review by Jim Weaver

It's album number three for Gary, Joe Don and Jay better known as Rascal Flatts and you can breathe a sign of relief if you were thinking "how could they do any better?" They have.. I really liked nearly every song on this CD and there are 11 of them if you're counting. And don't be discouraged by the "nearly every song" phrase either, even the couple of tunes that didn't turn my crank were still good, I just wasn't taping my toe as hard.

"Feels Like Today", the title cut and their current Top 10 hit is proof enough that if you like the sound of Rascal Flatts then you will love this CD. As a radio programmer I do feel compelled to point out a few cuts that I think should be played on the radio...

"Where You Are" - Great, up-tempo song with an infectious line that will absolutely stick in your head, "I am on my way...", when you hear it you'll know what I mean and you'll also know why people will never remember what the actual title of this song is.

"Bless The Broken Road" - This is the song that pop singers wish they could write and perform. I don't think that girls still swoon, but if they do... they will. Awesome lyrics, much kudos to the writers on this one; Marcus Hummon, Bobby Boyd and Jeff Hanna.

"When The Sand Runs Out" - Maybe I'm just getting old and sentimental but the words of this song just hit a little closer to home than most do, and good words are good words.

"Here's To You" - Jay Demarcus is one of the co-writers on this one and apparently he's been paying attention to the last couple of headlining tours. This song is a salute to the fans that show up night after night and cheer the band on. Hey, they deserve their own song!

This is an Enhanced CD but the online features were not enabled on the Internet at the time of this writing so there's some surprises yet to come on this CD for me. But I did find a hidden cut on this CD for you, watch for track number 11, it's actually 8:18 long but the "Oklahoma-Texas Borderline" song is only about 3 minutes long, what is it? I'll let you find out for yourself, but it's really good! I know, I'm a tease.

That's just a few of the songs that really stood up and shouted at me on this CD, here's what it all boils down to... if you like RF now, you'll love this CD. If you "kinda like them" then I believe you will "kinda like them" more. If you didn't like the first 2 CDs then this one ain't gonna to do anything for you either. As for me, I like it, a lot! 

Rating: Buy it! 

Rascal Flatts 
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