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Reba McEntire - Room To Breathe
Album Review by: Cheryl Harvey Hill

Room To Breathe is classic Reba; with the emphasis on class. The vocal range, the fire, the emotion; few singers are so adept at burrowing so deep into your feelings as instantaneously and with such ease. As she has so successfully done in the past, Ms. McEntire effortlessly sings her way through life and love challenges that encompass companionship, fellowship, kinship and friendship. Between the first song and last she manages to eloquently articulate an extensive spectrum of emotion. No surprises here since we have come to expect that from her. What may be considered above and beyond for some entertainers is typical for Reba. 

One of the most poignant songs on the album, however, is anything but typical. "Moving Oleta" tells the story of a man who is forced to put his beloved wife in a nursing home since he can no longer care for her himself. Practically everyone who hears this heart-wrenching saga will recognize someone they know. 

With the beautiful voice of Linda Davis providing the vocal harmony on many of the songs, Alison Krauss providing harmony and fiddle on "Once You've Learned To Be Lonely," and Vince Gill singing along on "It Just Has To Be This Way," there is something for everyone here. 

This artistic endeavor may have plenty of Room To Breathe for Reba -- but the 
majority of the songs are delivered with so much emotion that the rest of us will be left breathless. This is Reba at her best. 

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Room To Breathe track list: Buy It! 

1. Secret 
2. If I Had Any Sense Left At All 
3. My Sister 
4. Once You've Learned To Be Lonely 
5. Moving Oleta 
6. Love Revival 

7. He Gets That From Me 
8. I'm Gonna Take That Mountain 
9. Room To Breathe 
10. Sky Full Of Angels 
11. Somebody 
12. It Just Has To Be This Way 

Website Review by Jim Weaver:
Nice site, good use of colors and artwork with plenty to see and listen to. You have to join RebaNet to get to the message board, it doesn't cost anything but if you ask me they want way too much private information. You can also read some e-mail from Reba that is posted every now and then in this area, that's a nice touch. Overall it's a very good looking site but there are things we would all like to see more of... fan pics, downloadable promotional pics and or wall paper, a links page would always be nice.

Rating: Nice Job.

Please visit the
website for yourself.

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