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Rushlow - Right Now
Album Review by: Jim Weaver

Tim Rushlow is back, and this time he brought his band! I know Tim probably doesn't want a bunch of references and comparisons between his new band and his old band (Little Texas) but I can't help myself. The new band is called Rushlow and Tim is the frontman, in the old band Tim was the frontman. Plus when you get a group of great musicians and put that together with tight harmonies in a modern high energy country band, saying that this incarnation "kinda-sorta" sounds like his old band just makes sense. Also, when I say the band reminds me of Tim's former band that's a compliment in my mind because I loved the music that came out of Little Texas. OK, I'll stop the comparisons now.

Tim has gathered a fine group of musicians and singers to form Rushlow, they are; 
Tim Rushlow - Vocals, Guitar 
Billy Welch - Keyboard, Vocals 
Doni Harris - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals 
Rich Redmond - Drums 
Tully Kennedy - Bass Guitar, Vocals 
Kurt Allison - Lead Guitar  

Rushlow started working out their material and their sound back where it really counts... in the clubs, bars and festivals. You know the crowd, the instant feedback bunch you'll find in Toby Keith's video from "I Love This Bar", that's the folks. They will set you straight quick when they don't like something and hug your neck and tell you they love you when they do. Tim and the guys hooked up with Lyric Street Records and after they got their first Top 20 hit with "I Can't Be You Friend", now it's time to release their first CD. 

I enjoyed the new album titled Right Now very much, (I hate to say this but I'm going to anyway... here goes) if you liked Little Texas' music... then you will want to give Rushlow a shot in your CD player Right Now. Sorry, the pun could not be avoided. 

Right Now track list: Buy It! 

1. Right Now 
2. Sweet Summer Rain 
3. God Only Knows 
4. I Can't Be Your Friend 
5. Still 

6. Texas Is My Kind Of Town 
7. Since When 
8. When You Dance With Me 
9. She's Out There 
10. Speechless 

Website Review by Jim Weaver:
Not a bad looking site at all, however it's a little large and might take a while to load on a dial-up modem. Content is good, plenty of information for each member of the band, lots of pictures, both on-stage and with fans. They do have a Fan Club page and a links page but could use a message board. You can find tour info but you have to really look for it, it would be nice if there was a link on the main menu for the latest tour information. Overall it's a nice site but if they asked me, (and they haven't) I would suggest scaling it down some, make the tables fit the browser screen, make the links images smaller and the main picture, all would lead to a shorter load time and still look great.

Rating: Pretty good.

Please visit the
website for yourself.


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