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Sammy Kershaw - I Want My Money Back
CD and Website Review by Jim Weaver

CD Review:
Sammy is back! One of the better down-home country story tellers of the 90's has put together a new "country" CD that I think your going to like... a lot! It's his first release from his new record label Audium Records and his first single is steadily climbing the charts. That single is also the title track "I Want My Money Back", it expresses a feeling we've all had at one time or another, that "I don't care what it cost it wasn't worth it" feeling. "Sunday Morning On Bourbon Street" is a great song that shows a jazzy flare to this Louisiana man but when Sammy sings, it's still country. One of my favorites is the pure honky-tonk "Beer, Bait and Ammo", this song could become an anthem for Sammy, it made me laugh out loud and I promise you will be singing along by the second chorus. There is something for everyone on this album, the love songs for the ladies, attitude songs for the guys and maybe a couple of cuts you didn't expect. But if you like "country" music, my guess is you won't want your money back.

Rating: Buy It!

Website Review:
No Flash, no music blaring out of your speakers unexpectedly... WOW! What a great start! Oh sure you'll find the usual items on Sammy's site like an FAQ, forum, chat, news, photos, wallpaper, fan club info and more... but the really cool thing I found was a recipe for Barbecued Gator Tail... no really! How about some Sweet Potato Biscuits or Cajun Turkey Burgers, yep that's there too. In fact you'll find 14 recipes on the site, so not only can he sing but apparently he can cook. (Sorry ladies he's already taken.) Overall the website is very well done, the only negatives I could find were a couple of pages that haven't been updated in a while but that's it.  


Rating: Great Job!

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