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Sara Evans - Restless
CD Review by Jim Weaver

CD Review:
Sara Evans brings her smooth vocal style to album number four titled Restless, in stores now. The lead single, "Backseat Of A Greyhound Bus", unfortunately didn't make it as high on the charts as I predicted which is a shame, I thought it was a great story song with a fantastic message... an unwed mother finds out about true love after giving birth to her new baby girl. But not to worry, there are plenty of songs on this CD that Sara can be very proud of and should have great chart success as well. Her next single, "Perfect" issued to radio this week is probably the best song on the CD as far am concerned. Sara co-wrote the song with Tom Shapiro and Tony Martin and it really shows off her vocal range and flirtatious performance ability, it's a fun song about how our love doesn't have to be "Perfect"... just good enough. Fun stuff, you should be hearing that one on the radio soon if you haven't already.

This is Sara's second time out co-producing her own music and considering her last attempt, Born To Fly, is approaching double platinum status in sales it seems to be working out nicely. As Sara says in her bio; ďI wanted to co-produceÖ itís my record. Iíve got to be there because if Iím not then itís my own fault if I donít like it. I guess I may be somewhat a control freak when it comes to my music but now that I have one platinum record I want five of them.Ē

Overall I think this CD is another leap up the steps of superstardom for Sara. There will be hits, there will be sales, the current fans will love her even more and she will gain new fans as well... what more could any artist ask?

By the way the video of Sara's new single "Perfect" will debut this Saturday, August 30th on CMT's Most Wanted Live

Restless track list:

1. Rockin' Horse 
2. Backseat Of A Greyhound Bus 
3. Restless 
4. Niagara 
5. Perfect 
6. Need To Be Next To You 
7. To Be Happy 

8. Tonight 
9. Otis Redding 
10. Feel It Comin' On 
11. I Give In 
12. Big Cry 
13. Suds In The Bucket 

Rating: Buy It!

Website Review by Jim Weaver:
Very nice site, just a little FLASH usage and plenty of stuff to read and see. One warning... "Singing Site Alert"! This one will blow your speakers off the desk if they're up too loud so mind that volume control. You can stop the music but it may take you a few seconds to find the Audio Stop button. The only other thing missing is a "Message Board", I think those should be on every artists site but that's just me.  

Rating: Good Job!

Please visit the
website for yourself.

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