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Steve Wariner - Steel Another Day
Artist Profile and Website Review by Jim Weaver

Are you a fan of Steve Wariner? You should be, in fact you might be and don't even know it. You see Steve has been around for a while and not only has he had a ton of hit songs on his own but he's also written tons of hit songs for other artists. You may have heard of some of them... Garth Brooks, Clint Black, Keith Urban and many others. Steve has been a busy guy over the last couple of years, writing songs, touring, oh... and did I tell you he has run off and started his own record company? It's called Selectone Records and from the looks of things he's assembled a great team including his wife Caryn to crack the whip and make it all work. Steve's new CD hits the store shelves this Tuesday (3/4/03) titled Steel Another Day and features his first single "Snowfall On The Sand". The new Album has 16 cuts, 5 of which are re-recorded hits including "Some Fools Never Learn" and "The Weekend". Over the years Steve and I have crossed paths many times and he has always been one of the nicest people in country music I've ever known, plus the guy just doesn't know how to record a bad album. Steve says on his website; "I'm proud of the CD and the package, and I can't wait to hear what other people think of it". Well Steve, I can't speak for everyone, but as for me... I think it's terrific!
 Rating: BUY It!

Website Review:
WOW! Three in a row that are not Honkin' Huge FLASH sites! That doesn't mean that there's not any FLASH components in it, it's just not overwhelming. Great use of colors and image layout plus it covers most of the bases that a fan wants. I really like the "A Note From Steve" page. Terri Clark had a similar page on her site and the fans just love that personal touch.  Here's what's missing... promotional photos, music clips for each cut (at least on the new CD), a links page, chat/message board and you know how I feel about "Singing Sites" (ABC's)... clickable music clips not music that plays automatically when the site opens. Overall I think it's a great looking, fast loading site, it just needs a little more.
Rating: Pretty Good.

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