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TG Sheppard - Timeless 
Destiny Row Records 
Album Review by Cheryl Harvey Hill 

T. G. Sheppard's newest album is a departure from the country music that made him famous but his wonderful voice is, without a doubt, right at home singing classic songs from the 40's and 50's. Timeless is not just the name of his new album, it is also an appropriate adjective to describe one of the most talented and handsome icons to ever grace a stage.

When it comes to music, Sheppard has never limited himself to one genre; in fact, he has never limited himself to any one facet of the music business. His job repertoire within the industry is as diverse as his musical successes and his refined country sound is a sophisticated marriage of pop and blues with just the right amount of country heart and soul. To date he has twenty number one hits and during one streak in the eighties, he had fifteen consecutive songs in the top ten.

Although he is clear about the fact that his roots are firmly planted in country music, Sheppard has reached a place in his career where he has the luxury of doing what he wants and this is a project that he has wanted to do for a long time. The idea to do this album was born of happy memories of his childhood home and watching his parents dance around the living room as these delightfully romantic songs played on the radio. It is a labor of love for him and, in his words, a chance to "stretch musically." He candidly admits that this particular music appeals to his romantic side and he is confident that there is an audience who shares his passion for the true classics. He is so confident, in fact, that he produced the album, selected the songs and assisted with the musical arrangements. The end result is a marvelous collection of lyrically wonderful songs, artistically arranged and brilliantly sung.

The depth and breadth of this project is best illustrated in the fearless song selection. There are some songs in our culture that have become one artistís signature song. "Everybody Loves Somebody" was Dean Martin's and "I Left My Heart In San Francisco" is certainly synonymous with Tony Bennett but Sheppard was able to arrange them in a way that was fresh and unique and he easily made them his own. This speaks volumes about his amazing talent and illustrates his keen insight into the music.

The entire album, from first song to last, is simply splendid. It was impossible to pick a favorite but his rendition of "Smile" was one of the best I've ever heard and I loved "As Time Goes By" and "When I Fall In Love."

For decades Sheppard has been classic country and now he brings new class to the classics. For easy listening, inner peace or just a plain ole musical feel good massage of your spirit; do yourself a favor and give this CD a spin. Kudos to T.G. Sheppard for a divine nostalgia trip for those of us old enough to remember these songs and for having the heart and resolve to introduce them to a new generation. When it comes to Timeless music and great artists ... thank God for encores.

CSO interview with T.G. during Fan Fair 2004: 

Rating: BUY IT!

TG Sheppard - Timeless track list: 

1. Everybody Loves Somebody 
2. All the Way 
3. Very Thought of You 
4. At Last 
5. Just the Way You Look Tonight 
6. I Left My Heart in San Francisco 
7. When I Fall in Love 
8. I Want to Be Around 
9. Smile 
10. Misty Blue 
11. It's Impossible 
12. Fly Me to the Moon 
13. As Time Goes By 
14. Wonderful World 

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