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Terri Clark - Pain To Kill
Artist Profile and Website Review by Jim Weaver

The first new major artist CD of 2003 hits the stores this week, Terri Clark's Pain To Kill. The girl with "Hatitude" is building up to her first #1 hit in the new year with "I Just Wanna Be Mad", now sitting at #5 and still climbing. I say "first #1" because not only to I believe this first single will make it the top spot on the charts but she may very well have another potential 3 or 4  #1's on this CD. She's playing the clubs and doing the radio interviews in every town she goes to, she's doing the work and is backing it up with a terrific new album. Pain To Kill is more than just fun, it's empowering and thoughtful. It has the full range of emotions that you expect to find a good country music album all delivered with that special Terri Clark smile and a wink. If you like Terri Clark, you should love Pain To Kill.
Rating: Buy It!



Website Review:
I may be a little premature in making any judgments since it seems Terri's website is under re-construction... but here goes. While all the information a fan wants appears to be there it just seems a little disjointed to me. One thing I hate is when the right click is disabled on an artist site to keep fans from downloading images. Just from a  "Marketing 101" standpoint wouldn't you want your fans to download and share your pics with their friends, use them to build their own fan-site tributes to you, screen savers at their office, etc? There also seems to be no continuity to the site, completely different color schemes on almost every page, some pages fade in, some just appear. As I said early on in this review, maybe this site is undergoing some re-construction and just not everything is done yet... or not. I will re-visit the site on Tuesday after the CD is released, I may have to completely change this review... or not.

Rating: Not bad, could be better.

*Someone pointed out that there are two sites for Terri Clark... www.terri-clark.com and www.terriclark.com (no dash) and that person wondered if I shouldn't be reviewing the other site. The site with no dash is run by Terri's Record Company Mercury Nashville. The site reviewed above is run by Terri and her Management Company. Whenever possible I will always review the site run by the artist. But thanks for bringing it up so there's no confusion.


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