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Trace Adkins - Greatest Hits Collection, Volume I
CD Review by Cheryl Harvey Hill

CD Review:
Gold, platinum or chrome ... whatever the color, the songs on Trace Adkins new CD are truly worthy of the title, "Greatest Hits". Over the years, Adkins has received as much, if not more, press for his escapades in life than he has for his music and so we tend to forget just how great his compilation of greatest hits really is. This CD is sure to nudge your memory, touch your heart and get you boot-scootin' towards the nearest honky tonk. 

His very first album in 1996, Dreamin' Out Loud, set the bar high when it went platinum and produced multiple hit songs. One of the biggest hits of 2002, "I'm Tryin'", demonstrates that true talent -- like fine wine -- is consistently perfect and only improves with age. His powerful, baritone voice has only gotten better over the years and the quality of his songs have kept pace. He is able to convey a depth of passion that few of his peers can muster. 

In the past decade I have seen several artists greatest hits CD's that were peppered with not-so-great hit songs and even some that never were a hit. That is certainly not true of this album. Adkins gives you twelve first-rate, readily identifiable, genuine hit songs with a bonus of two new tracks. 

If you are investing in great music then you can smile with confidence as you part with your dollars on this purchase because you are getting a true bargain and a rare find; an album that exemplifies a greatest hits collection. 

Then They Do 
(This Ain't) No Thinkin' Thing 
The Rest Of Mine 
I'm Tryin' 
There's A Girl In Texas 
Every Light In The House 

Don't Lie 
I Left Something Turned On At Home 
Big Time 
Lonely Won't Leave Me Alone 
Help Me Understand 
Welcome To Hell 

Then They Do, a book based on his current single to be released simultaneously with the greatest hits CD. "Then They Do", shares it's title with a book of stories related to the song. The book, available from Rutledge Hill Press, includes a single CD with an exclusive version of the song. 

Rating: Buy it!

Website Review by Jim Weaver:
Nice, very nice. Take out that FLASH file on the main page and it would be great. There are a few things MIA here though; contact/booking info page, links page. I know what I'm about to say is very self-serving but I don't have a problem with that... There are quite a few websites out there like this one,  since we are small operations we don't get paid to feature artists like some sites do, the very least these artists could do is provide reciprocal links on their sites so while we're driving our web traffic to them, maybe we'll get some new traffic back. Nuff said.

Rating: Pretty Good!

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