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Tracy Lawrence - Strong  - Enhanced CD (DreamWorks Records)
CD Review by Cheryl Harvey Hill

With the release of his very first single back in 1991, Tracy Lawrence not only set the bar high for himself, but for everyone who followed. With his unique voice, handsome good looks and artistic passion, he created one of the most impressive strings of continuous hits ever compiled by any artist, in any genre, before or since.

His first album produced three consecutive number one hits and went platinum. Totally dispelling the "sophomore album jinx," his second album earned him multi-platinum honors and his success continued when his third album produced four more number one hits and also garnered platinum status. In just a few years Lawrence managed to put together eleven chart-topping hits, win numerous industry awards, and establish himself as one of the foremost artists in country music. During the mid-'90s he was also number two on the list of most-played artists in all genres.

Strong, his first release for DreamWorks Records, showcases all the qualities that have earned Lawrence accolades over the years. He has one of those voices that is so comfortably familiar he can easily wrap around your emotions like a hug from a cherished, old friend.

Lawrence says that James Stroud, well-known producer and head of DreamWorks Nashville, urged him to challenge himself and push himself musically. Many of the songs on this album indicate that he did just that. He also credits his wife and daughters for helping him grow and achieve a perspective he's never had before. On this new album, the wonderful voice is delectably familiar but the delivery reflects a more profound integrity.

Strong is an enhanced CD with twelve outstanding songs, a twelve minute interview that reflects his personal and artistic growth, and some behind the scene's video footage. This new album is certain to add to his already impressive list of musical and career accomplishments and is sure to please the long-time Lawrence fans that have been passionately consoled and cajoled by his voice over the years.

Lawrence says, "Songs like 'Daddy Was A Strong Man' and 'Stones' draw from new places, and there are songs like 'Paint Me A Birmingham' that I just wouldn't have done five years ago. If you're going to be successful, you have to adapt and evolve, and I think this record reflects how I'm striving to do that." He adds, "My long-term goal has always been to get to that Haggard and Jones level, to be one of the elder statesmen who continues to influence people and leaves his mark even when radio is no longer playing his current releases." Strong reflects his dedication to that goal. Although his age is still far from the "elder statesmen" category, his voice, and a very impressive list of industry accomplishments, have already secured him a place on the level of Haggard and Jones.

Strong track list: 

1. It's All How You Look At It 
2. Strong 
3. Stones 
4. Paint Me A Birmingham 
5. Everywhere But Hollywood 
6. A Far Cry From You 
7. Bobby Darwin's Daughter 
8. What The Flames Feel Like 
9. Sawdust On Her Halo 
10. When Daddy Was A Strong Man 
11. Think Of Me 
12. The Questionnaire 


Rating: Get It Now!

Website Review by Jim Weaver:
We can't review it yet, it's not finished. Tracy's site is in the middle of a major upgrade. According to what is there right now the site should be ready by this Tuesday... we'll just have to wait and see. Check back!

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