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Travis Tritt - My Honky Tonk History
Sony Music - Columbia Records
Album Review by Cheryl Harvey Hill 

My Honky Tonk History just might be the best album Travis Tritt has put out to date and that's saying a lot because he has an impressive history of industry accolades and hasmined his fair share ofgold from thecharts over the years.

On this album he has noticeably, and handsomely, matured in both his sound and appearance. He is clearly comfortable in his own skin and equally at ease with music that ranges from bluegrass to blues and everything in between. Tritt has developed a sound that is instantly recognizable as his own but he has incorporated some vocal quirks into it that he picked up from his beloved friend, the late, great, Ray Charles and at other times you definitely recognize some Bocephus influence. 

The album kicks off with the rocking title cut, "My Honky Tonk History," but quickly shifts gears to a soulful number that could be autobiographical from the days when Tritt felt he was "ten feet tall and bullet proof," titled "Too Far To Turn Around." 

I don't think there is a bad song on this album but the ones that stood out for me were "What Say You," which has John Mellencamp joining Tritt on the vocals and "We've Had It All," written by Tritt and long-time friend Marty Stuart. Whenever these two team up to write or perform, they have a knack for bringing out the best in each other. This cut is no exception. It's a little tamer than most of his songs but I love the music and the lyrics: "I can't remember my life without you - Our hearts together have made us whole - When we complete our final journey - I'll have your spirit, you'll have my soul ... " 

My favorite song on this album is probably the melancholy and moving " Circus Leaving Town ." It is simply superb. It is packed solid with emotion and Tritt effortlessly delivers the lyrics with believable passion. Besides, I'm a sucker for peddle steel guitar. I loved everything about this song. Lyrics. Instrumentals. Vocals. Perfection.

Bottom line is, whatever your musical preference, you will find something to like on this album. Twelve really solid songs and Tritt has never sounded better.

Rating: BUY IT!

Travis Tritt - My Honky Tonk History track list: 

1. Honky-Tonk History 
2. Too Far To Turn Around 
3. The Girl's Gone Wild 
4. What Say You 
5. Circus Leaving Town 
6. Monkey Around 
7. I See Me 
8. When Good Ol' Boys Go Bad 
9. We've Had It All 
10. It's All About The Money 
11. Small Doses 
12. When In Rome 

Website Review by Jim Weaver:

It's been a couple of years since I last reviewed Travis' website and it hasn't changed that much... and that's a good thing! No Honkin' Huge FLASH files, no music blowing you away when the site loads, great graphics, easy to navigate, loads fast, plenty to see and read. Why should anything change when you have a site this good! The only thing I might suggest is a section with fan photos. At the time of this writing his Photo Gallery page was not loading the photos, but hey, stuff happens, I'm sure they will fix that. 
Go see for yourself right now...

Rating:   GREAT!!  

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