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Vince Gill - Next Big Thing
Artist Profile and Website Review by Jim Weaver

One thing that's kind of obvious to me about Vince Gill, besides the fact that he's a great singer, songwriter, guitar player and seams to be an all around neat dude, is he still has that Oklahoma boyish charm and sense of humor that makes him one of the most likeable country stars ever. Vince's new CD titled Next Big Thing absolutely shines with vocals, tempo and just great country songs. I've always been a fan but setting that aside for a moment and speaking as a radio DJ for over 17 years (most of it in country radio) I truly believe this CD is capable of producing at least 3 or 4 Top 5 hits for Vince and of those 2 or 3 #1's. As I listened to the CD last night trying to put my thoughts together I suddenly realized there's not a stinker on it... not one! I sure would hate to try and pick the next single after the title track finishes it's run up the charts, that's going to be a tough choice. Whoever makes that choice has some good news though, they probably won't make a bad one. Next Big Thing is in stores now. Just in case you're not catching my drift here... 
Rating: BUY IT!

Website Review:
Watch out! This site could blow you out of your office chair, but not right away... it's kinda sneaky. When you first bring up the site, which looks great by the way, there's no sound, no huge FLASH file, loads quickly and quietly, then you click on the picture on the right that has the Next Big Thing logo on it and if you have a broadband connection you better have those speakers turned down or just be prepared to have everyone near you jammin to "Next Big Thing"! It actually startled me a little. This page is where the FLASH begins by the way, so if you don't have broadband access they do give you the option at the bottom of the page to skip the intro and turn off the music but trust me for you broadbanders you won't be able to turn it off fast enough... so just be warned... Singing Site Alert! Other than that I really have no complaints, it's a very well designed site with tons of information for the fans to absorb and download. Even those that are not in the fan club. The only thing holding me back from giving Vince's site a rating of great is the "Singing Site Surprise".

Rating: Pretty Darn Good.


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