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Willie Nelson -
It Always Will Be 
Lost Highway 
Album Review by Cheryl Harvey Hill 

As the first strains of "It Always Will Be" came through my stereo speakers, I found myself thinking, "Thank God that some things always will be ... and (thanks to recording media) that Willie Nelson is one of them. His voice is as readily identifiable as the guitar, the pigtails, and the bandana and there is no one else like him. No one else looks like him or sounds like him. In a genre that hasn't always eagerly embraced him, and even labeled him an outlaw (albeit a loveable one) at one point, he still managed to become a peerless country music icon and one of the world's most beloved and well-known artists.

Willie Nelson is the cure for what ails you ... no matter what ails you. That wonderfully unique voice has been around so long that it is easily recognized by generations of fans and reassures you that there are some constants in life. The voice is like a warm hug from a cherished old friend on the title cut, "It Always Will Be," a shared memory of lost love on the poignant "My Broken Heart Belongs To You" and/or a shared smile on the tongue-in-cheek, "Big Booty."

There is an incredible depth to everything Nelson sings but the instrumental introduction on " Texas " is delivered with equal passion. Although there are some impressive songwriters contributing to this album (Toby Keith, Gregg Allman, Scotty Emerick among them) the two best songs on this album were written solely by Nelson; "It Always Will Be" and " Texas ." Perhaps that is why he is able to deliver these two songs with such magnificent, gut-wrenching feeling. We have come to trust the integrity of his lyrics and readily identify with many of them. He delivers the music from a place in his soul that gives it wings and sends it straight to the heart of those who hear it.

Country music is a world dominated by words and the strength of Willie Nelson's songs is in his lyrics and the unique meter in his delivery of them. Nelson perfected the art of touching souls many decades ago and this album indicates that he clearly hasn't lost his touch.


Rating: BUY IT!

Willie Nelson - It Will Always Be CD track list: 

1. It Always Will Be 
2. Picture in a Frame 
3. Way You See Me 
4. Be That as It May - Paula Nelson 
5. You Were It 
6. Big Booty 
7. I Didn't Come Here (And I Ain't Leavin')
8. My Broken Heart Belongs to You
9. Dreams Come True - Norah Jones 
10. Overtime 
11. Tired 
12. Love's the One and Only Thing 
13. Texas 
14. Midnight Rider - Toby Keith 

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Real People Reviews

This is a classic Willie Nelson CD, if your a country fan you will love this one. Willie And Toby have another great song on the CD and wow, Norah Jones and Willie, that song should be on radio. This is a great album. 
- Justin


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