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Nashville Star

... And Your 2006 Nashville Star Is ...

We here at CSO have been telling you about this young man for going on 3 years now, and I think we have to say... "SEE, WE TOLD YOU SO!"

Congratulations to Chris Young, the newest Nashville Star as revealed tonight on USA Network and voted on by you the fans.

Chris is the proud winner of a recording contract from the RCA Label Group, a brand new Chevy Truck and more!

Congratulations are also in order for Casey Rivers and Nicole Jamrose for being in the final 3. They deserved to be there and their talent will no doubt take them very far. However, we were pretty sure that Chris was going to win, did you see the voting results on our own unscientific poll? (below)

To say that we are very proud of Chris is a massive understatement, to say, we new he would get there we just didn't know how long it would take... is truthful at the very least.

Again, congrats Chris... we knew you could do it bud. Stay grounded and don't forget about us little people.

Jim Weaver

Our very own Cheryl Harvey Hill also writes for quarterly print magazine Take Country Back and she recently had this article about Chris published there.

Chris Young - Country Singer, Songwriter, Musical Entrepreneur

CountryStarsOnline Congratulates Chris Young
By: Helen Neal
Photo: Terri Robison

The numbers tell the story. A year ago I watched several Chris Young performances in the café corners of a bookstore chain to less than twenty in the audience. I expected this talented young man to go far.

Then on summer Saturday nights my friends and I frequented the Mexican restaurant where he performed before sixty or so, and noted how well his writing talents were developing and how easily he related to the audience.

This April I saw his performance before hundreds as he commanded the stage at the Nashville Palace in a State Farm Benefit for Child Safety. Confident, charming, capable - he drew in his continuing fans and captured quite a few new ones. His self-penned songs, "Drinking Me Lonely," "The Food Groups Song," and "Roxanne's Bayou," and the new "Misery, Your Company is Here," were just as rich and developed as the cover songs he did. And what a variety of artists he covered - Keith Whitley, Joe Nichols, Randy Travis, David Lee Murphy, Travis Tritt, Alan Jackson. While Young's warm baritone drew the audience in, his smooth, wide vocal range added amazing texture to his performance.

And a few days later, I witnessed him before thousands, as he commanded the stage of Nashville's arena during the post Music City Marathon concert. Though not close enough to reach out and touch, the audience strongly connected to the performance. Young, one of the 3 Nashville Star finalists, sang two songs he'd performed on the show, "Real Bad Boy ... Real Good Man," and the self-penned, "Drinking Me Lonely." The audience was treated to another song that Young wrote, but hadn't performed on the national show, the lively tongue-in-cheek "The Food Groups Song."

And tonight (Tuesday), I sat before the television set as millions of others did and watched with sweet pleasure as he became the newest Nashville Star.

And CountryStarsOnline.com can't help but say, "told you so." " Watch for this young artist's ascending star - and down the road you can say that you heard about him first on www.CountryStarsOnline.com." February, 2004.

Well done, Chris. It's been an amazing journey - seeing your development as an entertainer and watching the numbers of those cheering for you grow from tens to millions. Get ready - you've got a rocket ride ahead of you!
Read more about Chris from the pages of CSO:
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Official Website: www.ChrisYoungCountry.com  
Fan Feedback:

Chris Young is the only new young entertainer that has caught my eye since Alan Jackson was opening for George Strait. Joe Nichols was never as impressive as Chris. I'm anxious for that July album release.

I see a lot of Alan Jackson characteristics in Chris. His moves, his piercing eyes and charismatic smile. I think Alan is at the top of game, but in my book he will have to move over and share the spotlight with Chris who will soon be a household name. I thought Alan had it all, but actually it's Chris who even has hair.

My very best to this new rising country star. I will be attending his scheduled Irving, Texas show in August, 2006.

Lucy Miller

I had never heard Chris Young sing until I was at my folks’ and my dad was watching Nashville Star. I was immediately enamored of this voice that harkens back to the real country music of my youth. Not since I was a child have I heard a singer that had so much soul and he’s one of the few of the newer generation that can capture the sound of true country… and he makes it seem effortless in the bargain! Handsome, charming, and charismatic, Chris Young is the total package, and I predict he will have a long and successful career. He has an admirer in me, that’s for certain. 

Kimberly Hough

2006 Nashville Star Finalists

Chris Young: Chris is a multi-talented 20 year-old with a flair for singing, song-writing and dancing. Chris considers himself an expert at Line Dancing and Hip-Hop. He is from Murfreesboro, TN and has a fan club of hundreds who follow him religiously across the country.
Nicole Jamrose: A 33 year-old mother of two from Schererville, IN, Nicole brings her folk- infused sound to the show. Nicole’s Nashville Star auditions marks her one and only contention for any talent show title and was blown away to find out that she will be one of the ten finalists. 
Casey Rivers: Casey is a native of Lindale, Texas and hopes to follow in the footsteps of Lindale’s other NASHVILLE STAR alum, Miranda Lambert. Casey is 23 and claims he briefly dated Miranda in high school. He has already shared the stage with country music greats Loretta Lynn and Willie Nelson. 
Matt Mason: Born in Pleasantville, IN, this 20 year-old is such a “country boy” he doesn’t even have email. Matt’s first performance was at Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge in Nashville and was attended by the legendary Hank Williams, Jr. 
Jared Ashley: A Hobbs, NM native, Jared brings his “been there done that” attitude to the show. Jared joined the US Navy right out of high school and served two tours in the Persian Gulf. He says he is ready to rival Dierks Bentley for most frat houses played in America and has spent the last 6 years looking for his big break.
Kristen McNamara: A 20 year-old beauty from Napa Valley, Kristen brings a spirited personality and a heart-tugging life story along with her powerful voice and self-written songs. With a boyfriend in the US Army awaiting deployment to Iraq, Kristen plans on wearing a yellow ribbon in every episode in support of the US troops abroad.
Melanie Torres: Melanie is the 28 year-old ex-beauty queen from Terries, NM with a voice to kill. She is bilingual, speaking English and Spanish, and wore the Miss Albuquerque crown in 2000. After passing on the tiara, Melanie moved to Nashville with nothing in her bank account destined to make it big. 

Monique LeCompte: Monique is a 23 year-old power vocalist who is dead set on becoming a star. She is from Grand Terrace, CA and was raised by her grandparents who both recently passed away. Monique works three jobs to make a living and still finds time to pursue her dream of being a country music superstar.
Shy Blakeman: Shy is a high-energy, southern-rock-infused 25 year-old from Laramie, WY bent on changing the boundaries of country music. After being shot in the face in an attempted car jacking in 2002, Shy approaches every show as though it may be his last. 
Jewels Hanson: The self-proclaimed “Female Travis Tritt” from Freemont, CA quit her high-paying corporate job for a shot at Nashville fame and fortune. The 31 year-old says she never wants to work a desk job again.

Voting here on CSO will be available each Tuesday following the newest episode. Check back often to see if the the results of our mini-poll match the Nations voting on the USA Network next week. This poll is just for fun with our CSO readers, actual voting occurs through the USA Network website and phone voting, see their rules for complete details.



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