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Here at CountryStarsOnline.com we’re always on the lookout for emerging talent, and acts that have been around for a while, but without the fanfare they deserve. That’s going to change. Here in " Waiting In The Wings" we’re going to introduce you to acts and performers who, for one reason or another, have caught our eye and our ear. We think you’ll like them. 

Bella: Gravity
Ocean Road Music/BMG
By: Jim Weaver

BELLA / GRAVITYI love these gals! If you've been reading  this website for a long time you might remember a review I did in 2003 on Australian songstress Karen O'Shea (if not just click on her name and you can read it right now), a lot has changed in Karen's life since then. The most obvious is that in 2004 Karen teamed up with Lyn Bowtell and Kate Ballantyne, to form the trio called Bella.

Bella's first album is titled Gravity and while you won't find any honky tonkin, heavy drinkin', let's get another tattoo, songs on his CD, what you will find is one of the smoothest and easy-to-listen-to CDs you've ever heard. I don't know who's idea it was to get these three ladies together but it has worked extremely well. Impeccable 3-part harmonies, just the right emotion and 13 well-written songs that will leave you humming and wanting more. Bella's current single is "She Still Believes" and while you probably won't hear it on US radio stations, you should.

Stand out tracks: "She Still Believes", "About A Girl", "Time Again", "Gravity"











January 2006 

December 2005 
November 2005

Jason Savory
TCM Records
By George Peden

What a pity Jason Savory doesn’t answer his mail. If he had on the several times I’ve tried, we’d know a little more about him. But apart from a silent response from the good-looking Oklahoman, his music speaks for him and shows a guy with talented promise. A guy, by the looks of it, who’s throwing himself into his career -- his web site journal hasn’t updated since August 2005…oh well. He’s obviously busy.

His self-titled album, however, is a reliable certainty. Complete with 11 tracks, 9 written or co-written by Savory, the album melds a blend of twang and rocky shuffles all propped by a primed and note right band. In the mix, there’s a sprinkling of ballads, notably the remembered hit for glam bad boys Poison, “Every Rose Has Its Thorn”. With an easy and a distinctive nuance, Savory plies his vocals to a song made for a late night and moody memories. Another slow and easy emotional prod comes with “Nothing More Than Me”, a tale of a slow uptake of on a leaving and losing theme, while the up-tempo ‘The Woman Of My Dreams” paints the obvious.

The popular radio spin with the fetching title,” Wife For A Night,” is here. But in a batch of good songs, it’s not the only track that compels a purchase. There’s a tale of tormented love divided by distance on “My Mind’s Down In Mexico”, and Savory’s fractured drawl works a wonder on “Those Kind Of Places” and “First Date,” while honest sentiment is keenly on show with “Brotherly Love,” a tune Savory shares with his sibling, Greg. 

All in all, this is a fine debut. Savory’s voice and style are sure-fire crowd-pullers. His writing shows a guy who’s fully tapped into the genre, as he covers the lovin’ and leavin’ and ropin’and ridin’ spectrum admirably –what more could a fan want?

Well, maybe…an answered e-mail.


Miko Marks - Freeway Bound
Mirrome Records
Cheryl Harvey Hill

Miko Marks refers to her voice as "country soul" but although I detected a lot of truly wonderful soul, I really didn't hear much that I considered to be country; however, that isn't necessarily a bad thing. After all, let's not forget that opinions are like ... well, you know ... and that is just my opinion. There is a lot to like about this album and the beautiful Ms. Marks clearly has a knack for songwriting; she wrote seven of the ten songs on the album.

Marks grew up in Flint, Michigan and was educated at Grambling State University in Louisiana on a music scholarship. She now resides in California. Her bio states that it was in Michigan where her songwriting passions were defined. Her songs are candid and sincere; delivered with genuine emotion. While at GSU, Marks became fascinated with country music and its story telling. She felt as if the stories were universal and she had some to tell of her own. After graduation, she moved to the San Francisco Bay Area and her new environment provided plenty of additional fodder for her songwriting.

Marks has been busily perfecting her own unique blend of country soul and Freeway Bound was recorded in Nashville with well-known Producer, Ron Cornelius. Marks is on an independent label out of Oakland, California and has secured national and international promotion for the album. It is available through a number of online venues, including her official website.

Stand out tracks: "Kickin' Back," "Feelin' the Rain," "The Lonely One," "I Believe in You" 


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