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Here at CountryStarsOnline.com we’re always on the lookout for emerging talent, and acts that have been around for a while, but without the fanfare they deserve. That’s going to change. Here in " Waiting In The Wings" we’re going to introduce you to acts and performers who, for one reason or another, have caught our eye and our ear. We think you’ll like them. 

Chris Gray - From Where I Am
Mirrome Records 
By Cheryl Harvey Hill

There are several nice tracks on this CD and I actually didn't get the urge to fast forward through one song; this is always a good sign. Chris Gray definitely has the right voice for the tears in your beer ballads and he also has a knack for songwriting. He had a hand in writing three of the songs from this album including "Red, White and Blue" which he wrote while still in the Navy aboard the USS Missouri in the Persian Gulf War. You may have seen the music video for this song on GAC. It first aired in 2002 in medium rotation and is still played. I'm a sucker for the patriotic songs but although "Red, White and Blue" is a nice song, it wasn't one of the most outstanding on the album.

Gray was a local, state and regional winner in the former True Value/Jimmy Dean Country Showdowns. As a singer-songwriter he remembers the first time he performed for a live audience. "It was like coming home. I get a huge rush when I connect with an audience." As a songwriter, Gray says he begins with a hook, finds a complementary melody and goes from there. With his impressive voice, connecting with his audience is a definite given.

Proud of his small-town Louisiana roots, Gray, who plays guitar, bass, keyboards, drums and trumpet, got his big break in country when he began opening at the Louisiana Superdome for George Strait's Straitland Festival, a special honor. Gray credits Strait for a powerful influence on his own career. "George Strait is a genius at picking hits and he’s always stayed true to himself. He’s never let fame interfere with being a family man."

Stand out tracks: "I Keep it Under My Hat," "That's As Far As it Goes," "From Where I Am," "How Much Your Love Means to Me" 











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Wyndi Renee - She’s Done A 180 
The Babette Record Company
By George Peden

When Virginia-based Wyndi Renee sings about the pain, losing and hardship of life, you can believe her. She’s been there. She’s done that. Several times. In her seven page media autobiography for her latest release, she journals the trail of shattered dreams, missed hopes and recording disappointments, only to arrive through the ordeal bruised but not broken.

As she tells with revealing honesty, “I’ve had a very long, trying experience in this world of the music industry with so much more than I could ever write.” In that promised book alongside chapters of depressing deals, one night shows and gigs that hit the wall, there should be a page dedicated to Doc Holiday. The famous Doc, a music veteran enjoying current popularity with his “This Is About As Country As I’m Gonna Git” album – a download favorite on iTunes –has been the visionary mentor to the recently married Renee.

With an association spanning years and several developmental albums, Doc has guided the young wannabee. Now with a 13 track album that has the radio popular “She Done A 180”, the effort is seeing results.

While Renee charters her course to stardom -- ask her and she’ll tell you that despite the setbacks this is still the only path for her -- this own label release should serve as a musical testament for determination and can-do persistence. The music may be for her and the fans, but her autobiography is a reality check and industry signpost to those who write and record. Listen to the album and read the bio. It’s a lesson for the learning.

Best tracks are the introspective rocker, “She’s Done A 180”; the patriotically soaked “In America” and the lover’s lament on “You Wouldn’t Lie To An Angel, Would Ya?” The album also comes with 5 bonus tracks.


Malibu Storm - Debut CD 
Rounder Records
By Jim Weaver

I've always said that there's nothing better than sibling harmony and the debut CD by Dana, Lauren and Michael known as Malibu Storm proves it once again.

Malibu Storm has been singing and playing together as professional musicians for over 9 years now but obviously they've been singing and playing together since they were able. Why are you just now hearing about them? Simple, this is their first attempt at "main stream" country music. The brother and sisters trio have been performing in their native California for years as a Bluegrass band and you can hear it in their music. So what we have here is a band that can not only sing but they play the heck out of their own instruments too... I love that!

What you won't find on this album, over-produced-Nashville-hit-machine-horse-hockey. What you will find is pure country music with a west-coast Grassy feel, great harmonies and good songs. If that's what turns your sound-crank then this CD is a must have.

And no, you aren't seeing double, Dana and Lauren are identical twins, Michael is their younger brother.

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