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Stacy Morris - Borders And Boundaries 
By George Peden

If you’ve kept your eye and ear close to Australian country music then names like Kasey, Beccy, Gina, Keith, Adam, Lee and Troy will bring a knowing nod. Now there’s another name you need to learn – Stacey Morris. Mellow and moody, only to become vibrant, sassy and rocking the next, her album is a music lover’s, a country music lover’s, gem in the pile. 

Knocking around music traps since the age of 15, the talented singer has been on a slow simmer, honing her craft at fairs, festivals and clubs. Now with this latest release, as her web site says: She may be Australian but she’s taking the world by storm. A little adventurous hype, maybe, but the gal can sing; for this album she’s chosen gifted players, crafted writers and pleasing songs. It all adds to wider possibilities.

The album opens with the title track. Penned by the writers of Reba’s major hit, “Somebody”, Sam and Annie Tate, the song is as inspirational as it is melodic. Morris is high jumping her own borders and boundaries by winning the 2005 Frank Ifield International Spur Award and gaining solid independent radio play. She’s also fast becoming a fan and industry favorite.

Morris’ style offers a range that doesn’t waft or whimper, but, rather, cuts right through to offer the right lyrical shadings. The voice, rich and full, works well on choice choosings like the Irene Kelley-penned “It Wasn’t Me”. Listen out for winning cuts like the Gretchen Peters-penned “I Don’t Know” and the evocative “Just Around The Eyes”, written by Gary Burr. Listen also for Carole King’s “So Far Away”. Already a hometown favorite in Oz, it’s just one of 12 musical reasons to check this album out.

Stacy Morris. Remember the name. She’s set to join some others you know.











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The Dust Devils - Gathering Dust 
By Cheryl Harvey Hill

If you've had the opportunity to listen to this album it will be perfectly clear why The Dust Devil's, comprised of husband and wife duo Barbara Malteze and Kevin Higgins and formerly known as the Cosmic Dust Devils, were recognized in five categories by the *Texas Music awards (awards sanctioned by the Academy of Texas Music). They received nominations for Female Vocalist of the Year, Singer/Songwriter of the Year, Song of the Year ("Walk On"), Vocal Duo/Group of the Year, and Album of the Year.

If you were to make a list of dynamic musical pairings, Higgins and Malteze would certainly be on it. Higgins is a most gifted writer and wrote eleven of the twelve songs on Gathering Dust except for "Looking for Pearl" which was co-written by Malteze. When two individuals this talented come together, the end result is pure magic and the icing on the cake is that they accent their own talents by recording with first-rate musicians.

Standing on the edge I wonder / Just what it is I’m looking for? / Truth is cast in shadows / I pray to God there must be something more.

All of the lyrics are visual and powerful but having them delivered by Malteze takes them to the next level. Her vocal delivery varies dramatically from song to song; sometimes her delivery is smooth as silk on silk while on others she sounds like Janis Joplin (when she was at her very best). On the final track, "Walk On," Higgins philosophical recitation is delivered with the kind of honestly and simplicity that is sure to put him on par with the legendary cowboy poet Red Stegall.

There is a whole lot of livin', lovin' and leavin' on this album; rather like "Lone Star Beer and Bob Wills Music" but with a dash of Tabasco followed by a McKendric Mesquite Mellowed Whiskey chaser. This is one CD that won't be Gathering Dust in anyone's collection.

*Presented by MyTexasMusic.com, the 2006 Texas Music Awards will be hosted by Michael Martin Murphy, presented on Saturday, March 25, 2006, 2pm, at the premiere Music City Texas Theater in Linden, TX.  The awards show is scripted, and will be filmed. To view the complete list of nominees visit: 


One Mile South - One Mile South
By Jim Weaver

Just imagine if James Taylor, Ronnie Milsap and Blackhawk spawned a band, just what might that sound like, the answer could be One Mile South. Not the direction, but the Nashville band of singer/songwriters that consist of lead singer Tim Schnieder, Gary Bunning on guitar and harmony vocals and Daniel Palasset on bass and harmony vocals.

Their self-titled debut CD actually came out about a year ago, but since I just found it, it's new to me and possibly you as well. While writing this mini review it struck me that I was only able to hear these guys through the song clips on their website. I haven't even heard one whole song yet, and here I am compelled to share this band with you. So the examination of my ears and brain began and it didn't take long to figure it out, while listening to the clips I found myself really wanting to hear the rest of each song, all of them. In 20+ years of monkeying with the music business as a musician, singer and radio jock, there just hasn't been very many times that has happened. 

These guys deserve a legitimate shot at a major record deal, sure they sound great but the prerequisite these days seems to be, "do they sound different?" The answer is a resounding "yes". In a good way.

I want to hear the rest of this band, my guess is, you will too.


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