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Steven Neil Wilson - Revival
By Jim Weaver

Steven Neil Wilson, version 2.0, what I mean is this is the second time we've had the pleasure of reviewing his work. The first time around was in the Indie Artist Spotlight, not a lot has changed, I mean that in a good way. 

Wilson is a passionate song writer who hails form the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. If you read his bio you'll discover that his story is like so many others who come to Nashville seeking country music stardom, or at least find out if what their friends and family have been telling them for years is true.

Wilson brings you Outlaw Country the way it's supposed to be done, attitude, lyrics that hit a little too close to home sometimes, and a good guitar solo squeezed in there for the right feel. Willie, Waylon, Travis and the boys can be proud of this young man, for he has done it right.











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Travis Sinclair - Rush
By George Peden

In his native Australia, Travis Sinclair is anything but an artist waiting in the wings. With a string of local awards, including the 2006 Male Vocalist of the Year at the Victorian & National Country Music Awards, a chart climbing album and steady stream of appearances, the young singer is moving into top gear.

Sinclair, a former big wheel trucker in the family’s haulage business, has for the last couple of years concentrated on making his career a priority. And it’s working. There have been sell-out shows in Australia’s Nashville, Tamworth. There’s been the graduation from the CMAA College of Country Music. There’s been a hefty 8 top charting singles from his first album; an album of the year with that release, Rhythm Of The Highway, and a prestigious Golden Guitar for Best New Talent. And given the industry interest and the radio play that’s jumped on Sinclair’s latest release, Rush, the best is yet to come. Already the album has charted with the power play singles, “Heavenly Body” and “Midnight Run”.

Speaking of the new album, Sinclair has said the album captures the things that matter to him – “my country, my truckin’, my livin’ and my lovin’. All those elements appear across 12 tracks that slide effortlessly between high-octane country rock and slow burning ballads.

If your Oz country music leans towards musters, the outback, bush bashing and Lee Kernaghan, then Travis Sinclair is another boy from the bush you just have to meet. 

His new album is out now on Shock Records.


Arlo Gilliam - Arlo Gilliam
By Penny Rondinella

When Arlo Gilliam was younger he would listen to anything he could get away with listening to. Being from a strong church upbringing, he had to sneak to listen to anything else than Country or Gospel, but got the chance every so often to listen to bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd and Guns and Roses. But eventually the one who caught his attention was Jim Croce and says believe it or not Croce kind of taught him how to play. 

"Slow Town" is one of my favorites on his self titled album, with phrases like "it's okay for you to slow down" and "take some time for what matters most." How often do we do that in our already busy lives. Gilliam has a smooth voice that really relaxes you in this song and makes you yearn to live in a small town, where things are much slower. 

Gilliam now lives in Nashville, TN and when he isn't touring and doing his own shows he is out playing bass guitar and singing background vocals for his friend Trent Willmon. They have a single out right now called "On Again Tonight." 


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