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Shelley May - "Free Me When You Go"
By Jim Weaver

This is something that you won't normally see me do here on CSO... write a review on a song. When we put forth our time and energy, it's usually for a whole album, concert or interview... but let me ask you this; When was the last time you were moved by a song? Or a voice? Or a combination of the two? I like all kinds of music, and being raised in a very musical family, I get great joy from listening to music and singing and playing along. But while surfing among the thousands of singers on MySpace today, I stumble upon Shelley May singing a little tune titled, "Free Me When You Go". I was stunned by the song and May's flawless delivery and deep emotion. Shelly has other songs out there on CDBaby for download, and they're all pretty good, but not this good! She doesn't have an album yet as far as I can tell and her website is a little thin, but you have to hear this song. I know I've seen her before, I'm pretty sure I've heard her before, I don't know if she wrote this song or someone else did, but somebody needs to hear this, and it might as well be you. You can go through her website but the fastest way to the song is through her MySpace site. Go, go now! 











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Mark Holt & Kimberlee Holt Tully - Acoustically Native
By George Peden

Retro acoustic classic country with a 1970's feel, made complete with a bluegrass sound and an edgy kick, is how it’s described. For this brother and sister duo, it’s a banner that works. Out with their 11-tracker, Acoustically Native, the album covers a range from classic Marty Robbins to a classy Frank Sinatra medley. It’s all tempered with an easy and friendly feel that fits the given label.

Propping the duo is a celebrated band of musos. These include Randy Kohrs on Dobro, Stuart Duncan on mandolin and fiddle and Kathy Chiavola on harmony vocals. With Scott Vestal on 5-string banjo, Mark Fain on bass fiddle, Pete Huttlinger on guitar, Tim Tappan on piano with the Holt siblings offering percussion and guitar, the ensemble is pitch perfect.

Opening the album is a Marty Robbins tribute, “El Paso City”. Pairing Mark Holt and Chiavola works wonders, especially in the rich falsetto moments heard on the tune. “Midnight Rider” the Gregg Allman-penned memory, is an album standout, driven hard by some polished banjo. The Jerry Hayes written, “Roll’n With The Flow”, is a pleasing inclusion, while the classic “Cattle Call”, a tune written in ’35 by Tex Owen, receives a notable reworking.

Showing musical diversity is the curious inclusion, but album successful, Frank Sinatra Medley: “One More For The Road”/ “The Way You Look Tonight”. Smooth and fuelled, the two tracks blend tightly with the backed instrumentation, proving that familiar and dated music, with the right application of passion and talent, still holds up.

Mark Holt’s further versatility shows on his three written tunes for the album –“One Last Dance”, You’re In My Arms To Stay” and “All Over Now”. Holt and his sister share trail riding memories on the closing tune, “Cowboy Up”/”Riding For America”. Written at the request of the trail leader for an international ride, one navigating Alberta, Canada, Wyoming and the Statue of Liberty, the tune highlights deeper 9/11 thoughts behind saddle sore lyrics.


Jason Meadows - Self-Titled Debut
By Penny Rondinella

Jason Meadows is more than a country music singer with 
heart, it's in his soul. He is a true blue cowboy, his cowboy hat slightly off center just like his grandfather use to wear his. Not only did he teach Jason these words of wisdom “Never trust a man who wears his hat straight!” he taught him to play the fiddle and harmonica. Jason learned these things while working on his grandad's farm during the summer. He also taught himself to play the guitar which his mother gave him as a gift. Discovering his passion for 
singing when he was only six, he sang at school, county fairs, rodeos, winning talent shows and state competitions. Later spent years 
singing in nightclubs, dance halls and honky tonks, traveling all over.

An Oklahoman wanting to make it in country music with influences like Merle Haggard, George Strait and idle Hank Williams Jr. just knew he needed to make a move to Nashville. Now Meadows has an awesome debut CD and is currently working on the next. If he looks familiar, you may have heard his amazing voice on season 3 of Nashville Star. He has some great songs like "Big Shot" on his debut album.


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