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Wild Horses Band - Frontier Free For All
Persimmon Records
Exclusive story and photo by: Wolf Austin

There’s a new filly in the Wild Horses herd. Michael Blake Mahler and Angela Rae of the country music group Wild Horses proudly announced the birth of their new baby girl Hallie Ann, born at 6 lbs 7 ozs on December 29, 2004. 

Rae, who is now recuperating at home from post partum toxemia states, “Thankfully, Hallie is in perfect health and a true blessing.” Proud daddy, Mahler said, “I thought I had a handle on women until Hallie came along. Around Hallie I’m a pile of mush.”

The Mahler’s named their daughter after National Cowgirl Hall of Fame/Texas Women’s Hall Of Fame inductee Hallie Stillwell. Stillwell, who was known as “The Queen of the Big Bend”, wore many hats but was mainly known as a widowed rancher who survived and thrived in the harshness of West Texas. Michael and Angela wrote to Stillwell, who also served as Justice of the Peace, asking her to marry them in 1992. She wrote back saying that she would be proud to marry them, but due to their hectic schedule in the music business, they never made it to West Texas. Stillwell died in 1997 at 99 years of age. The Mahlers were so moved by the Texas icons indomitable spirit that they pledged to name their first female child after her. 

Wild Horses, who will be relocating back to Texas in April, have been together for 15 years. They had a top 40 song, “I Will Survive”, while recording for Sony Epic and their videos have shown on CMT and GAC. Angela Rae will start touring with Wild Horses again on February 19 in Du Quoin Illinois.

Additional information on Wild Horses and their most recent CD, Frontier Free For All, can be found at www.wildhorsesband.com.

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Real People Reviews

These folks KICK!!! Their diversity of style is comfortable for all crowds. From the peaceful melodic tunes of Angela Rae, to the cut-up rippins' of Michael on "Sleazy Motel" (a personal favorite). They'll have you crying your eyes out one minute, and rollin' on the floor the next. I wish the best for the entire group. God Bless! 
Rev. Jeff

This band not only makes you jump and scream, they make you their friends as well. This is the best I've ever seen. They are going far and I hope I'm able to follow them all the way.
Cheryl James

One of the best party bands around! Quick butt energy and a great group of individuals. The CD is a must have, can't wait for the next one. We have been one of the herd for years. I see a road trip to Texas in my near future. Thanks for all the Rockin' times. 
Darin & Angi

Wildhorses is awesome. The C.D. says it all! With their music, this group of people can make you dance until sweat streams down your brow, they can make you laugh, touch you heart to tears and leave you knowing that music is the key to our inner souls. Keep up the great work Wildhorses!
Linda -Carbondale, IL

Wild Horses aren't just a band, they're family! They always have something good to say and they sing from their hearts. You might be down when you get there but they raise your spirits high before you leave. 
Love, the girls... 
Linda and Polly - Harrisburg, IL.

I loved the CD !! This one is great, I think they did a great job with this one. Can't wait until the next one comes out.
This group is great and know how to have fun while playing. And show it with their shows.
Karen - Owensboro, KY

If you haven't experienced the energy, showmanship, bone thumping beat, the angelic voice and the pure power of the horses you have not lived. It is the best drug anyone could be hooked on. And they are all fun-loving great people. Try 'em you'll love 'em.
Nancy Finney - Lake of Egypt, IL.
wild horse mare

I love Wild Horses' CD Frontier Free For All! Angela has an awesome voice and the songs are incredible - good old time country with a lot of rock. Wild Horses should go very far.
Toni Tisdale - Boise, Idaho


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