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2008 CSO Banner Advertising Rates

It pays to advertise to a targeted and motivated audience. If you have a product or service that you want thousands of country music fans to see every month at an affordable price... you've come to the right place on the World Wide Web. 

The Indie Artist Spotlight is an incredible way to introduce new artists to new potential fans from all over the world through CSO, find out more information, click here.

Contact us today at Sales@countrystarsonline.com, or call 615-530-5899.

Monthly Visitors


Leader Banner (Actual Size)

Leader Banner Exclusive: $499
Leader Banner non-Exclusive: $249
Located at the top of every page.

Footer Banner (Actual Size)

Footer Banner Exclusive: $399
Footer Banner non-Exclusive $199
Located at the bottom of every page.

Header Banner (Actual Size)

Header Banner Exclusive: $349
Header Banner non-Exclusive $149
Located next to the CSO logo.

Sidebar Banner (Actual Size)

Sidebar Squares
You'll find these smaller banners the most affordable by far on the site. They are located in the right sidebar on several CSO pages including the News, Indie Artist Spotlight, Brush with Fame and New CDs pages. There are up to four side bar banner positions per page and up to five rotating sponsors per position.

$35.00 for a 4 week run.

$49 for an 8 week run
You save $10!
$99 for a 16 week run
You save $20!

CSO is always open to other promotional opportunities, if you have any questions please
call our office at 615-530-5899 or email you questions to sales@countrystarsonline.com

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