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Brush With Fame 2008

If you would like to join your friends online posing with your favorite country stars simply e-mail a picture of YOU posing with a COUNTRY STAR and wait your turn! 

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Carol with Chris Young
Taken at Indian Ranch in Webster, MA.

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Kristy, Sarah & Mary w/ Phil Vassar
Taken in Atlantic City, NJ.
March 29, 2008
Brandi with Rodney Atkins
The girls with Chris Young

Taken at the meet and greet at the concert where he opened for Martina McBride.  He ROCKED the place and left Sacramento wanting more. I believe he made a ton of fans out this way.

Danielle with Rodney Atkins
Taken backstage at the Vancouver Canada concert  Aug.8/08
Lee with Luke Bryant and Chuck Wicks
This was taken on 4/2/08 in Nashville, TN at Belmont University.
Alicia Simpson with Chris Young
Helen Neal and Betty Allen with LeAnn Rimes
Taken backstage at the legendary Ryman Auditorium in Nashville before the National Finals of the Colgate Country Showdown.
Sharon Lavoie of Canada with Chris Young
Taken on Formal night on the cruise 2007
Ashley with Marty Stuart 
Taken after the late nite jam with Marty Stuart and Travis Tritt and so many other awesome singers at fan fair 06.
Mandy with Bryan White
Taken at Xmas for Kids Tour Bus show in Nashville, TN.
Jenifer and my 4 year old son Colby with Rodney Atkins
Taken in Tampa, FL.  It was the best experience I could have possibly asked for. My  2 year old little boy Brooks now loves Rodney too.  He is the CD that is ALWAYS on in my car.  We are FanClub Members and are so proud of Rodney and his team for all their success.  It couldn't happen to a nicer guy!!!We can't wait to see Rodney this year and for years to come.
Jennifer with Tracy Lawrence
Taken on New Years Eve in Arlingon, Texas where we flew too from Florida to watch Tracy Lawrence perform. I gave him this plaque which I had made for him with everything that happened this year to him from having a #1 Song, a CMA award for the "Find out Who your Friends are" video, and making history with having a #1 hit with his first released single from his own record label. What a great year he had in 2007 and I was glad to be a part of it and present him with this to start off his 2008 with a smile. Jennifer
This isn't me, but it is my son. I lost him (or so I thought) at Country Bash, Irvine, California October 14,2006. I was FRANTIC. Here all along he was safe with Phil Vassar. Thanks Phil! With ALL my heart.
Melanie with Chuck Wicks
Taken at the Neon Armadillo in F.Wayne Indiana on 3-8-08.
Robert_TerriClark.JPG (77315 bytes) Bob with Terri Clark
Taken at Eagle Mountain Casino in Porterville, CA on Feb 25, '07 while I had 9 months off for chemo. I had decided NOT TO SHAVE until I went back to work in October. This was about a 1 month growth, too thin to be a beard, and too scraggly to look like '5 o'clock shadow!
GeneBowshire.jpg (12053 bytes) Debbie - Gene Bowshire - Denise 
Taken at The Savoy Lounge in Springfield, Ohio Nov. 3, 2007. I became familiar with Gene's music through a mutual friends MySpace. I was planning a trip to Springfield to visit family which coincided with his appearance at the Savoy. I was so impressed with his music I gave him a list of venues in the Hill Country area of Texas where I live. Texas has a great music scene, Gene and his band would fit right in. Gene is fan friendly and a true Southern gentleman. 
Elrod_TobyKeith.jpg (65036 bytes) Erin with Toby Keith
Taken 9/12/07
Paula_CarolinaRain.jpg (20877 bytes) Paula with Carolina Rain 
Taken in Sharon, PA. 
These guys are awesome.
Lisa_RodneyAtkins.jpg (17832 bytes) Lisa with Rodney Atkins
Fan Club and Rod Squad!
trixie_and_chris_young.jpg (16638 bytes) Tracy with Chris Young 
Taken at Billy Bobs Fort Worth, TX on 12/21/07. This is the second time she has met him. 
Becky_JeffBates.jpg (76052 bytes) Becky with my bestist country singer in the whole world Jeff Bates.

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