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Brush With Fame 2006

If you would like to join your friends online posing with your favorite country stars simply e-mail a picture of YOU posing with a COUNTRY STAR and wait your turn! 

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Lisa___JeffBates.jpg (81341 bytes) Lisa with Jeff Bates 
Taken at the Singing Brakeman Park 4/28/06.
UnknownFan_PhilVassar.jpg (57785 bytes) Unknown Fan with Phil Vassar
Chrissy_TrentTomlinson.jpg (73010 bytes) Chrissy with Trent Tomlinson
Taken May 3, 2006 at the WBEE Guitars & Stars Concert. The whole night was wonderful, but the best part of all was when Trent told me that he knew me from myspace.com! Not only did it shock me but it made me feel really special. Can't wait to see him again this summer! He's worth the 3 hour drive!
Griffin_DierksBentley.jpg (55906 bytes) Griffin with Dierks Bentley
Taken June 13, 2006, in Oakland, CA.
Jennifer_CarrieUnderwood.jpg (79109 bytes) Jennifer with Carrie Underwood 
Taken at the Lonestar bowling party in Hermitage, TN on June 6th 2006.
Sarita_PhilVassar.jpg (88601 bytes) Sarita with Phil Vassar 
Taken at Phil's Phan Club Party in Nashville in June '06.
LisaB_JoeNichols.jpg (67438 bytes) Lisa with Joe Nichols
Taken in Detroit on February 24, 2006.
Carole_JeffBates.JPG (73526 bytes) Carole with Jeff Bates
Taken at the Singing Brakeman Park in Meridain, MS on April 28, 2006.
Melanie_ChrisYoung.jpg (45901 bytes) Melanie with Chris Young
Taken at his show at Cypress Gardens in Winter Haven on July 15, 2006!
RyanB_with_Joe_Diffie.jpg (67929 bytes) Ryan Baysden with Joe Diffie
Taken at the Midnight Rodeo in Morehead City, NC... Oct. 28, 2006.
Sara_JoeNichols.jpg (46864 bytes) Sara with Joe Nichols
Taken in Harris, Michigan on April 21, 2006.
carole_and_phil_vassar.jpg (64241 bytes) Carole with Phil Vassar
Taken at the Phil Phan Party 2006.
Tammy_BlakeShelton.jpg (50836 bytes) Tammy with Blake Shelton
Taken at Winstock 2006 in Winstead, Minnesota.
Dawn_GaryNichols.jpg (35579 bytes) Dawn with Gary Nichols 
Taken at the Blue Moose Saloon in Parma, Ohio 6/06.
Danielle_BillyCurrington.jpg (58973 bytes) Danielle with Billy Currington
Taken in Ashtabula, Ohio on Aug. 12, 2006  My birthday is Aug. 10th and it was the best birthday present ever!
Tammy_DierksBently.jpg (81157 bytes) Tammy with Dierks Bentley
Kelley_JoeNichols.jpg (64500 bytes) Kelley (left) with Joe Nichols and my niece, Jesse 
Taken at the Opp Rattlesnake Rodeo in Opp, Alabama.
AnnW_Jeff_Bates.jpg (89231 bytes) Ann with Jeff Bates
Taken in Ocala, Florida at Pappis' Honkey Tonk in October 2005.
Abby_PhilVassar.jpg (60276 bytes) Abby with Phil Vassar 
Taken August 18th, 2005. 
The day after my birthday! This is the first time that I've met Phil and he was great!
Jo_RonnieMilsap.jpg (80756 bytes) Jolene with Ronnie Milsap
Taken in Cumming, GA on Sept. 16. 
Sherry_TraceAdkins.jpg (16095 bytes) Sherry with Trace Adkins
Taken in June of 2005 at Fan Fair In Nashville.
JeffBates_Wanda.jpg (54920 bytes) Wanda with Jeff Bates
Amilya_RodneyAtkins.jpg (74552 bytes) Amilya with Rodney Atkins
Taken at the Shelby County Fair July 27, 2005.
Melody_LarryStewart.JPG (42043 bytes) Melody with Larry Stewart of Restless Heart
Taken in Reno, NV - 2006
Vanessa_PhilVassar.JPG (41655 bytes) Vanessa with Phil Vassar 
Taken back in 2003 in Ocean City, MD. 
Phil put on one heck of a show! I'm a phan for life! :)
Carole_chris_young.JPG (56768 bytes) Carole with Chris Young
You think he's young now, look at him in this pic! 
Allison_and_Miranda_Lambert.jpg (62749 bytes) Allison with Miranda Lambert
Rich_PhilVassar.jpg (58441 bytes) Rich with Phil Vassar
Gary_JohnnyPaycheck.jpg (53214 bytes) Indie Artist Gary Jennings with Johnny Paycheck 
Taken after Gary took stage with him at a Country Fest. There were others like Hank111, Leroy Van Dyke, Jett Williams and other Opry Stars.
Ethel_BuddyJewel.jpg (48246 bytes) Ethel with Buddy Jewell 
Taken Feb.26, 2006.
Blair_ChrisYoung06.JPG (65366 bytes) BlairP_DotYoung06.JPG (59564 bytes)Blair with Chris Young and his sister Dot Young.
Jennifer_PhilVassar.jpg (88549 bytes) Jennifer with Phil Vassar
KenzyBrittany_JeffBates.jpg (79574 bytes) Brittany & Kenzie with Jeff Bates
This was their first road trip to see Jeff together! Kenzie (5) is from KY and Brittany (10) hails from NY. They are Jeff's girls! 
Melanie_RodneyAtkins.jpg (47934 bytes) Melanie with Rodney Atkins
Melody_RestlessHeart.JPG (72987 bytes) Melody with Dave Innis and Paul Gregg of Restless Heart 
Taken in Renfro Valley KY, April 21, 2006.
Ginger_GaryLevox.JPG (34012 bytes) Ginger Foster with Gary LeVox of Rascal Flatts 
We stood out by the buses after Rascal Flatts' show in Greenville, SC on Feb 25, 2006 for over 3 hours (it was 20 degrees!) and eventually, Joe Don and Gary came out to visit with us for about 20 minutes each. This was my 6th time meeting both of them and let me tell you - these guys are as sweet as they come.
DawnandBDierksBentley.JPG (63938 bytes) Dawn with Dierks Bentley
Taken at the pre-show party before the concert on October 20, 2005 in London, Ontario, Canada.
billy_ray_and_carole.jpg (60232 bytes) Carole with Billy Ray Cyrus
Rhonda_PhilVassar.jpg (44005 bytes) Rhonda with Phil Vassar
Taken in Warsaw, IN at the Benningans after Phil had performed two shows at the Wagon Wheel.
Dawn_and_keithAnderson.JPG (27773 bytes) Dawn with Keith Anderson
Taken at the Blue Moose in Parma, OH.
Penny_ChrisYoung.jpg (90439 bytes) Our own Penny with Chris Young
Connie_Keith_Anderson.jpg (59549 bytes) Connie with Keith Anderson 
Taken at a concert in St. Charles, MO at Family Arena on December 16, 2005! 
Wendy_PhilVassar.jpg (61583 bytes) Wendy from Boardman, Ohio with Phil Vassar 
Taken Aug 5, 2004.
Vada_with_Any_Griggs.JPG (43229 bytes) Vada Meets Andy Griggs 
Taken at the Detroit Ho Down in Detroit, MI
Sandy_Big_Rich.JPG (95140 bytes) Sandy of Holyoke, MA with Big & Rich (I love John Rich!!!), Cowboy Troy, Jon Nicholson and Two Foot Fred. 
It was a fantastic show. James Otto and Gretchen Wilson were also at that concert but had separate meet & greets.
Christina_RF.jpg (78759 bytes) Christina with Rascal Flatts 
Taken in Rochester NY, Feburary 12 2006.
Melissa_Billy_Currington.JPG (70379 bytes) Melissa with Billy Currington 
Taken at the Dundee May Fly Fest in Dundee, Michigan.
Kellie_PhilVassar.JPG (77102 bytes) Kellie with Phil Vassar 
Taken at his fan club Party.
Deveon_Jeff.jpg (59909 bytes) Deveon with Jeff Bates 
Taken in Nashville, TN outside the Ryman!.
Meghan_CarrieUnderwood.JPG (83865 bytes) Meghan with Carrie Underwood 
Taken at the Grand Ole Opry at the Ryman on 11/19/05.
Christie_KeithAnderson.jpg (51641 bytes) Christie and Keith Anderson
Taken at The Workplay Theatre in B'ham, Al in October, '05. 
Keith is such a talented singer/songwriter and is an absolute sweetheart to his fans! 
Shirley_JasonMcCoy.jpg (54263 bytes) Shirley with Jason McCoy
Taken at Parry Sound,Ontario.
Lori_RichieMcDonald.JPG (8046 bytes) Lori with Richie McDonald of Lonestar
Kandace_Katy_PhilVassar.jpg (69727 bytes) Kandace and Katy with Phil Vassar
Taken at the Cleveland House of Blues.
Laurie_TrishaYearwood.JPG (70536 bytes) Laurie and son Daniel with Trisha Yearwood
Taken in Clearwater, FL on 1/7/06 Trisha quickly took any nervousness I had away. She's wonderfully warm and sweet.
She seemed to really enjoy talking to my son, Daniel.
Sandy_BlakeShelton.jpg (80405 bytes) Sandy from Holyoke, MA with Blake Shelton 
Taken on Feb 11, 2006 in Amherst MA on his tour with Rascal Flatts.
Kim_PhilVassar.jpg (15040 bytes) Kim with Phil Vassar
Taken at the Today Show.
Sugarland_Robin.jpg (51308 bytes) Robin with Sugarland 
Taken when they played at the fair in Lima, OH on August 21, 2005.  They put on such an awesome show that day and I was very lucky to meet them.
CFLCC_CowboyCrush_400.jpg (160155 bytes) The soldiers of CFLCC in Kuwait show off autographed photos and CDs of their favorite country band; Cowboy Crush. 
The soldier's favorite song? "He's Coming Home," of course
Christina___JeffBates.jpg (51462 bytes) Christina & Jeff Bates 
Taken in Nashville, TN. Jeff had just sung his heart out with the debut his new single "NO SHAME" on the OPRY stage at the Ryman Auditorium!
kat_with_neal_mccoy.jpg (58392 bytes) Kat with Neal McCoy 
MajBorden_CharlieDaniels06Apr.jpg (48164 bytes) Charlie Daniels with MAJ Johnny Borden
Taken on the day before Easter, when Charlie entertained the soldiers at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait. 
Doranne_PhilVassar.jpg (73870 bytes) Doranne with Phil Vassar
Connie_KeithAnderson.jpg (44859 bytes) Connie with Keith Anderson
Taken at the Trego County Fair in Wakeeney, KS on July 26, 2005!
Tanya_Tucker_Vercie_Slay.jpg (64751 bytes) Vercie with Tanya Tucker
Taken at the LaAubergeDuLac Hotel and Casino in Lake Charles, Louisiana after Tanya'a concert that night. "A Dream Come True"
PhilVassar_Dorothy.jpg (82994 bytes) Dorothy with Phil Vassar
Taken at Billy Bob's in Fort Worth, Texas in November, 2005.
Marta_JeffBates.jpg (53393 bytes) Marta with Jeff Bates 
Taken in Nashville, TN.
Karen_JeffBates.jpg (39254 bytes) Karen with Jeff Bates
Taken at the Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville, TN... August 2005.
Katelyn_and_JoeNichols.jpg (66956 bytes) Katelyn from Baton Rouge, LA with Joe Nichols 
Taken at Billy Bob's in Ft. Worth, TX. Dec 17th, 2005. Her Christmas present from me (Aunt Robin) was the flight over to Texas and tickets to see Joe. She decided she was going to kiss him for the picture but didn't tell anyone before hand and she caught everyone off guard including Joe.
Willa_traceAdkins.JPG (76337 bytes) Willa with Trace Adkins
Taken on the bus in a Walmart parking lot.
Tanya_Tucker___Bill_Slay.jpg (66477 bytes) Bill with Tanya Tucker
Taken backstage on 05-28-05 at the LaAubergeDuLac Hotel and Casino in Lake Charles, Louisiana.  "A Dream Come True"
Gaetane_DierksBentley.jpg (64172 bytes) Gaetane with Dierks Bentley
Taken in Ottawa, Ontario on October 18, 2005.
Heather_Garret_and_PhilVassar.jpg (88498 bytes) Heather and Garret with Phil Vassar
Taken at the Acoustic Café in Nashville.
Christina_JeffBates.jpg (62513 bytes) Christina with Jeff Bates
Taken on Music Row in Nashville, TN on November 5, 2005. 
Jeff had performed at the RYMAN and what a performance it was...He was awesome!!!
Connie_ChrisCagle.jpg (69031 bytes) Connie with Chris Cagle
Taken at his concert at Sam's Place in Wichita, KS on August 16, 2005.
JoshBlake_JoDeeMessina.jpg (53252 bytes) Josh with Jo Dee Messina 
Taken in Richland Center, WI.
Joe__Melissa__Trisha__Jeff___Billy.jpg (52711 bytes) (l-r) Joe Nichols, Melissa, Trisha Yearwood, Billy Dean & Josh Turner
Taken at the Blindhorse Saloon, Greenville, SC WSSL 100.5 Songwriters Showcase.
KeithAnderson_Claire.jpg (49703 bytes) Claire with Keith Anderson
Deveon___JeffBates.jpg (55623 bytes) Deveon with Jeff Bates
Taken November 5, 2005 in Nashville TN on Music Row!
Marilyn_JeffBates.jpg (76372 bytes) Marilyn with Jeff Bates
Taken Oct 16, 2005 in Nashville, IN at the Little Nashville Opry.
I have no clue of everything else he was saying to me there...
the tingles are still active here from this experience with him!
Marilyn - Metamora, IL
kat_tracyLawrence.jpg (52686 bytes) Kat with Tracy Lawrence
Brenda_Clint_Black.jpg (53163 bytes) Brenda Wager of Crosby, Minnesota with Clink Black 
Taken backstage at the Grand Casion Mille Lacs, in Onamia, Minnesota.
jEFF_BATES__WILLA__STEPHANIE.jpg (98343 bytes) Willa and Stephanie with Jeff Bates
Taken at the Walmart at Hendersonville, TN. This was so much FUN with JEFF!!!! 
TracyLawrence_Chris.jpg (52928 bytes) Chris with Tracy Lawrence
Taken at a benefit in Mt Juleit.
DONITA_DierksBentley.jpg (43954 bytes) Donita and Caleb with Dierks Bentley
Debbie_Doug_CodyCanada.jpg (83602 bytes) Debbie and Doug with Cody Canada of Cross Canadian Ragweed
Taken at Egos Bar during the meet and greet in Salt Lake City.
Sherri_DierksBentley.jpg (48493 bytes) Sherri with Dierks Bentley 
Taken August of 2005 in St Joseph, MO.
Amy_KeithAnderson.jpg (53520 bytes) Amy with Keith Anderson
Taken in Raleigh, NC in October 2005.  It was my second time meeting him.  He's a super guy and wonderful entertainer.
JeffBates_Christina.jpg (95577 bytes) Christina with Jeff Bates
Hope_Roadhammers.JPG (64732 bytes)

Hope with the Roadhammers
They played an amazing show that night and are the nicest down to earth guys you will ever meet in your life!!

Samantha_GaryAllan.jpg (73103 bytes) Samantha with Gary Allan
taken in June 2004 in North Platte, Nebraska at the Nebraskaland Days festival.
Wendy_ChrisCagle.jpg (55026 bytes) Wendy with Chris Cagle
Taken in Horseheads, NY at the Chemung County fair in August. Chris is one of the sweetest guys in country music.
Laurie_emerson_drive_2004.jpg (59953 bytes) Laurie with Emerson Drive
Taken in Imperial, NE in August of 2004.
Wanda_George..jpg (60445 bytes) Wanda with George Canyon
Taken at the 2005 Country Music Festival in Nashville.

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