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General Contact Information:

To submit a Fan Site for consideration, questions or just want to say howdy, 
simply send an e-mail to:  Webmaster@CountryStarsOnline.com

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PO Box 6295 
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Advertising Information

Website Submission Requirements:

Artists: To get your site listed on CSO's "Artists Sites" page we have three major qualifiers;

1. You must be a country, alt-country or Americana artist or band.

2. You must have an album for sale through your site or a major music retailer,(CDBaby, Amazon, etc), or be signed by a record label with a verifiable CD on the way. This is done for one reason only, we already have the largest most accurate listing of any country music site on the net, if we didn't have some sort of restriction then we would be obliged to list every country cover band from Maine to Alaska. And nobody has that kind of time.

3. You must have a normal .com-type (or .net, .info, .fm, .biz, etc.) website. Your site must be hosted by a fee based web hosting company, in other words, no free web sites like geocities or freewebs. MySpace.com sites are great and so is a site through your Record Company, but they don't count. Having a real website shows commitment to your career as a professional artist/band, it also shows that you're going to keep your fans in the loop so they can go to a place to learn all about...you. Anything less is a bad reflection of yourself and CSO to the country music consumer.

We're working hard everyday to promote country music on the world wide web, we'll do our best for you, we ask that you do you best for yourself and us as well.

Other Websites: CSO does link to many other websites but the vast majority are country music or country lifestyle related sites. We do accept site submissions from none country related sites but we do not link to sites that are obviously running a link farm to try and up their placement on search engines. 


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