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Indie Artist Spotlight Details:

CSO is very excited about the "Indie Artist Spotlight" which has led to some terrific opportunities for those who have given made the investment in it. Opportunities like European Tours, duets with other artists, meeting great song writers, managers, radio programmers and much more. We can't promise you anything, but you never know who is reading these pages, and where it might lead you. Here's the way it works:

You get a small picture and name link under the heading of "Indie Artist Spotlight", on the main page for four or eight weeks, depending on which package you prefer. When the reader clicks on the link it takes them to a page dedicated to you within the CSO site. That page will stay on the site indefinitely. You will also be listed on the Indie Artist Spotlight menu page where people can still find you after your run on the main page. You will also be able to say "AS SEEN ON CountryStarsOnline.com" on your own site and press materials and link back to the page to prove it.

All the content for the feature page would be provided by the artist or artists management including... 

  • One picture (headshot preferred) up to 350w x 450h pixels.
  • One 30 second MP3 song clip.
  • A link back to the artists website.
  • Artist Profile. Word count max 1000. (please keep these fairly short, 2 or 3 paragraphs max)
    Suggested content: Quick introduction, bio, music style and then link it back to your own website for the reader to learn more and hopefully purchase your CD.

This is a very inexpensive way to introduce yourself to a whole new world-wide audience  through CSO, and you can't beat the prices:

$50 for 4 weeks!
Indie Artist Spotlight run only.


$70 for 4 weeks!
Includes a 4-week banner run on the sidebar.


$90 for 8 weeks!
Includes an 8-week banner run on the sidebar.

The maximum number of artists that will ever be featured at any given time under the "Indie Artist Spotlight" heading on the main page will be four.

Artists can only be featured on the Indie Artist Spotlight main page a maximum of 8 weeks per calendar year.


Yes, you can update your article once each calendar year for free, additional updates will be charged at $10 each.

CSO reserves the right to refuse any links to any artists/sites that it deems detrimental to our site or reputation. CSO will only feature Artists of the Country Music, Alt-Country or Americana genres. 

Contact Us:

Call the CSO offices to find out more at 615-530-5899 or email us at IAS@countrystarsonline.com.

Artist Feedback

"The Indie Artist Spotlight, has opened a lot of doors for me, being featured there (and also when I was on the main page before as well). I have had so much good luck on CSO so far..."

Ginger Harvey

Dear Jim: 
CountryStarsOnline.com has been a fantastic place to expose my music. Your “Indie Artist Spotlight” spiked our website traffic over the last two months. We directly credit you with the addition of many new fans! On top of the wonderful benefits of doing business with you, we really appreciate your kindness, help and professionalism. You rock. Country rock, that is!
All the best, 
Patti Hall

I have really benefited from the Indie Artist Spotlight on Country Stars Online.  It has sent a lot more traffic to my music website and given me more visibility as a Songwriter/Singer.  It is a highly ranked website overall but also well respected in the Country Music Industry.  I would highly recommend this site for fans as well as anyone in the industry whether it be for checking out the latest information and editorials concerning your favorite artist or for advertisement for artists and indie labels.  It's also been a pleasure to work with Jim, the owner and master of the site!  While I've never met him personally, I know he is a solid, honest guy and would much rather give him my money for Country Stars Online, than any other music website on the internet! 
Rachel Rivero

(This was a note we received from Kristi on our MySpace site.) Jim! Thanks for the ad and thank you for your wonderful comments! I hope you get to make it over to DFW for a show sometime soon. We are getting a great summer lined up and having a lot of fun. Tell any Independent Artist out there to contact me if they aren't sure if they should profile on your site or not...I've got/get 100's of people visiting my website from Country Stars Online and have developed a great friendship with a "nameless" person on Music Row who contacted after reading my profile and hearing my songs at Country Stars Online...and who I'm now in the process of recording another CD with! If I could just get you over to one of my shows now....!!!!!  
Kristi Kalyn

I would like to say a few words about Country Stars Online. First of all, it is great to see a web site that caters not only to all the country music stars of today but also, to the independent artist of tomorrow. I was so impressed I decided to submit my press kit to be considered for the Indie Artist Spotlight. I am very glad I did! From the first day I was featured in the Indie Artist Spotlight the number of hits on my web site increased drastically. I was reaching out to new fans, selling more CD’s, and getting great feedback from fans all because of Country Stars Online!  I would recommend Country Stars Online to any artist who wants to increase their fan base, or wanting to gain some attention for their career. Country Stars Online has definitely done that for me and can do the same for you. Thank you Country Stars Online! Sincerely, 
Ryan Wardlow

"The Indie Spotlight was a great opportunity for Chris.  In addition to lots of great feedback, Chris had a number of visitors to his booth during the CMA Music Festival (formerly Fan Fair) who mentioned they had heard about him through Country Stars Online.  Indie Spotlight is a great vehicle for increasing your fan base across the country."
Becky Harris - Chris Young's Manager

"One word about Countrystarsonline.com 'WOW!' I want to thank "Radio" Jim Weaver for featuring me on the Indie Spotlight, since my feature was posted I have received hits from all over the world! Guys like Jim are priceless to an Indie Artist! Thanks Again Jim and Country Stars Online! Keep supporting us! We Love you!!!
Crista Lynn

"I just wanted to take the time to thank you guys for your support. My website has jumped over 200 hits since it's (the feature) been up." 
Steven Neil Wilson

"Being featured on the main page of CountryStarsOnline.com brought me several new fans and I even sold a few more CDs. I just wanted to thank you for giving the indie artists a chance to have the spotlight on them". 
Shelly Streeter

Contact Jim Weaver today if you have any questions.

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