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Got the Music Down Pat & Making the Green
Article By: Melissa Loncaric Miller
Title By: My Dad, David Loncaric

Heís sold out the world-famous Houston Astrodome (56,000 + capacity), had three Grammy nominations, was an Academy of Country Music Top New Artist Nominee in 2004, earned a gold album, and most importantly, is quite possibly the most likeable guy you could hope to run into in the great state of Texas.

A San Antonio baby, raised in Waco, Greenís career began playing the Texas club circuit during college. 1995 marked the release of his first independently recorded album. Business would prove to be good through the years, with Green selling around 200,000 units on his own and selling out venues throughout his home state. In 2001, he signed his first major label deal with Republic/Universal Records, and released "Three Days". "Wave on Wave" would follow in 2003, earning Green spots in the top 5 on the singles chart and on the Billboard country albums chart. His third and current label-backed album, "Lucky Ones" debuted in the Top 10 on Billboardís Country Albums Chart. And this month, a brand new album at a brand new label will surface.

Not your traditional Nashville success story, but then again, Patís a Texas boy, and everyone knows Texas musicians have a different way of going about things. "If you donít have any ambition at all, youíre probably not going to get very far and itís going to take a long time to get how ever far you get. I try to keep a positive attitude and work as hard as I can and do the best I can and see what happens. I think that everybody kind of has to make their own path. Thatís just how I chose to do it, good or bad, IĎm committed." he laughs.

"I feel like the music business is always changing. I donít know that the change thatís happening in country music or rock-n-roll or in any other format is unique. I think it happens all the time because thatís what peoplesí taste is. People are always changing what they want to hear, what they want to see on television or what kind of clothes theyíre wearing. You know? Five years ago you wouldíve never seen me in nothing but a pair of straight-legged pants, but now Iíve got the flare bottom jeans and I look down & I feel silly, but itís kind of what I want to look like now." he says with a laugh.

"Virginia Bell"

"Thatís the way it is though, country music, just like anything else, is going to change, and it needs to. It needs to keep itself fresh in order to continue to keep peopleís interest in it. If it was the same thing over and over again all day that that you heard five years ago, people would be changing the station."

Green, who credits his success to Texas-musician processors like Jerry Jeff Walker, Willie Nelson, and Robert Earl Keen, believes that a what sets him apart from the rest of the pack is the fact that, "Iím not afraid of making a sound thatís different, or the way that I connect with people is different, or maybe itís somewhere in between there."

"One thing I know about people is that, in Alabama, or in Georgia, or Kansas, Texas, or California -- everybodyís got to get up in the morning and do what theyíve got to do to provide for their families & keep that momentum that makes life enjoyable. If you break it down to those most basic elements, everybody lives the same."

"You can go up to Canada or down to Mexico or anywhere else in the world, itís all the same and so thatís what youíre trying to connect with when youíre writing songs. You connect on that level rather than of on the superficial level of whatís pretty, or popular, or this is whatís hot at the moment. If you can connect on the level of whatís really most important in life, thatís when it really happens."

"I'm Trying To Find It"

Connecting with the fans and big names in the music business alike, last year, Green was invited to join Kenny Chesneyís "Somewhere in the Sun" tour, and this year will be spent on the "Still Alive in í06" tour with Keith Urban. "Itís been fantastic. Itís been an education. Listening to these guys and watching these shows, seeing how the big leaguers do it is a lot of fun. Not saying Iím that means that I go out there trying to copycat them or anything like that. But theyíve got a lot of good stuff, or else those thousands of people wouldnít be coming out to see them every night."

This husband, father of one, and brother to eight, is more than holding his own as the opening act on Urbanís tour, transforming an audience of thousands into a mass of singing, swaying, lifelong fans by the end of his set. "You didnít pay all this money for a ticket to sit on your butts, did ya?" he asks his crowd, as they jump to their feet.

Green knows how to handle a crowd. Heís mastered the art of a self-made career, "Just be myself and be true to it & the rest is gravy." He can write a song that can make the listener feel like itís straight from their very own diary, but ask him about something even more close to his heart, what he wants for his two-year-old son, Kellis, for instance, and heís just like the rest of us. "Iím going to teach him how to get a job not doing what I do." he laughs. "Iím going to teach my son to do whatever he wants to do. To be proud of himself, not get too caught up in the money, and being important... Ya know," he pauses, "Iím talkiní out the side of my ass here to be honest with you, darling, I donít have it any more figured out than the next guy." he says through his laughter.

"Feels Just Like It Should"

And that likeable, guy next door quality coupled with his, "Iím just a happy dude who wants everybody else to be happy too" mentality, and undeniable musical gifts are what the fans in Texas, and now, the world, have been identifying with for years. As a matter of fact, Pat Green and his music are quickly becoming the very definition of ĎTexas Countryí. So is this modern day Texas legend comfortable with his place in history? "Absolutely. Itís my thing, the way I do it, as best as I know how and if people latch on to it or identify with it, or make it part of a scene, Iím cool with it. Thatís what I always say, you can call it whatever you want, just as long as you play it on the radio over and over and over again." he laughs.

Pat Green's new CD on BNA Records, "Cannonball", will be in stores Tuesday, August 22nd. Click here to pre-order your copy now!


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