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10 Questions with Peter Myles
By: Jim Weaver, Editor In Chief

Canadian writer, composer and singer Peter Myles is emerging from the Canadian music scene and running head-first and hog-wild into the World music scene. He wants to meet ym`nuyhjkruvfjkscbcbujou at the side of the stage one of these days so let's get started:

1. Hi Peter, let's start off by getting acquainted. Would you introduce yourself to the CSO readers?

Answer: Well, I am from Montreal, Canada. The biggest town of the Quebec province. It is a beautiful multi-cultural city where most of the people speak the two official languages of Canada which are English & French. I fell in love with Country Music in my teenage years by listening to Kenny Rogers & Johnny Cash. And then Garth Brooks came and revived my interest furthermore! I started doing shows in High School, where I won many prizes and found out that is was what I would really like to do! So, as a birthday gift, I asked my dad for an acoustic guitar and so on… until I made many first part for big Canadian names such as Roch Voisine, Julian Austin, Terri Clark, Jason McCoy and more… And then came my first album ’Breaking The Rules. I got in studio where we recorded 11 songs, for which 10 songs are mine! I’ve been on Tour in Europe since the last 2 years now, we are getting ready to perform in the USA, the cradle of Country Music!

2. Would you describe your music style?

Answer: I guess you can compare it to some Rock-Country style with a little Rockabilly swing! I like a song that people can swing and twirl on and allows me the pleasure to rock it on stage! It is a blend of easy catchy melody and some daily life lyrics of any blue collar man! I guess that, as an artist, it is my responsibility to write songs that reaches people’s daily life! 

3. Being French-Canadian and trying to break into the American country music market has to make it a little tougher, what are some of the challenges you've faced so far?

Answer: In fact, I love people and I love country music! What I care the most, is the fans! I’m so thrilled about performing for them that I only see positive challenges! I also think that most of the Country fans are open minded towards the fact that there is good country music and artists coming from outside of the USA! Canada has been on the highlights the last few years! Michelle Wright, Shania Twain, Paul Brandt, Terri Clark were signed under a Nashville Label and have also won many American Country Music Awards! It really helped Canada’s artists to be recognized by the American Country Audience! I guess that the Country Audience needs a variety of artists. For my part, I just need a chance to show that who ever you are or where ever you come from, if you can make people sing, dance and have a good time, they may love what you do! And what about a French Canadian Country Singer? Moreover, many cities nearby the Mississippi have French names and also French ancestors! :) I also heard that there were a few U.S. country legend that got their names changed because they where French. Therefore, as soon as I will have a good partnership with a good U.S. management team, everything will go on by it self! I hope I will perform in the cradle of country music as soon as possible! :) :)

4. Can you tell us about some of your musical heroes? 

Answer: Well, I have been influenced by lots of different artists such as: Elvis, The Beatles, etc… But my rockabilly approach comes right out from a band called The Stray Cats! These guys are fabulous! They Rock & Swing like devils! LoL!! Their leader, Brian Setzer, is what I call ‘’An Icon!’’ I love his rebel style and his way of writing songs! For my country side, I am listening to an artist for which I have a lot of respect and it is Travis Tritt! He knows how to put the good ingredients into his writing and composing! I also like Garth Brooks and Billy Ray Cyrus! They both brought something into the country music. About the ladies in country music, I can’t hide that Shania Twain is one of my favorite for the new sound she brought but for the Rock ‘n’ Roll side, Gretchen Wilson is the best! 

5. You have a debut album under your belt, is there another in the works?

Answer: Of course! I am getting ready for the “after”…LoL! Seriously, we will start the promotion of the “Breaking The Rules” album and make sure that the country music fans in the States get to know it and then… For your information, I am a writer/composer’aholic! Anytime a have a chance, I take my guitar, a sheet and a pencil and I strum new melodies on which I put words and music! It is the greatest connection with freedom and peace! J So, there is always another album in the work! loll

6. Have you had a chance to tour in the States yet?

Answer: Not really! But I would sincerely like to! My manager, Isabelle, is working on it! Like I said before, we are trying to sign with a good U.S. booking and management team! As soon as it’s done, things will roll on and I will be more than excited to perform in front of all of those U.S. crowds! 

7. Are there any special projects or charity work that you're involved in?

Answer: Of course! Lately, I have been involved with the Muscular Dystrophy of Canada! I have been their guest for a private concert at the Bell Centre in Montreal. I’m a very warm person and like to give a hand and support those who are unfortunate with health problems! I am in shape so I am trying to give to others, with my music, what I can lose at anytime!

8. Where would you like to see yourself a year from now?

Answer: I would like to perform in some u.s. Country festivals for big names as an opening act! I can see my self listening to some of my songs on some U.S. radio stations.

9. How about 5 years from now?

Answer: I see my self performing at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville as a main guest. I also see my self performing with my daughter Justine while I am still traveling around the world playing my music and giving good times to country music fans!

10. Where can we learn more about Peter Myles?

Answer: Well, the country music fans can visit my website at www.petermyles.com . On the site, you can subscribe to my free monthly news letter that keeps you aware about my career and more. There will also be a forum on-line soon. This way, the fans will be able to chat on-line with other and I will also chat with them once in a while! We also added a tab for the line-dancers that contains line-dances pattern made by professional Canadian Teachers. The Line-dancers has to go under that tab TECHNICAL and can print the line-dance pattern they choose for free! So, if they like a particular song, they will be able to learn it quickly and have fun dancing it! They can also type Peter Myles Country Music on Google or Yahoo!, to find out sites from Europe where I performed such as www.countryfrance.com  where they can find information about my last European tour. Many European radio stations are broadcasting the album. In fact, the album is broadcasted in 22 countries. They can also read about me on www.CountryStarsOnline.com.

Well Thanks a lot Jim! I would also like to thank the Country Stars Online readers and let them know that I am such in a hurry to meet them in some American Country Festivals. Feel free to send me e-mails via my mailbox at 1eravenue@videotron.ca! See you soon folks!

Thank you Peter, for joining us on CSO and good luck to you!

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