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Steven Clawson - His Southern Soul is still Restless 
Interview by: Melissa Loncaric Miller

Since the release of 2004’s Southern Soul, Steven Clawson has written dozens of songs, given countless interviews on television and radio, performed before thousands in a variety of venues, sang the "Star Spangled Banner" at the Busch Series Race in Talladega, and perhaps the most important success-tracker for an up-and-comer in the music business – he quit his day job as a waiter.

"Music is my job now, which is what I've always wanted. I know it's going to be a lot of hard work, and it'll be tiring, but it'll be better than waiting tables for a living" he laughs.

Word is traveling fast, and Clawson’s free time is becoming a thing of the past. Making his way across the country from a benefit for the Children’s Miracle Network on Florida’s Gulf Coast this past June, to the Coast Guard Festival in Grand Haven, Michigan last August, and everywhere in between, "Our calendar just keeps filling up, I can't even keep up." he says of his tour schedule. "But that's what we all want to do – go on the road with our friends, making music."

Making music is something this Georgia-raised, Nashville native could teach the best of them a little something about. Clawson's sophomore project, Restless, has the warm familiarity that his loyal fans have come to expect, the diversity that keeps them guessing, and plenty of his distinctive brand of soul to keep them coming back.

His new album, held together by Clawson’s own unique blend of Southern Soul magic that only he is capable of whipping up, Restless, promises not to disappoint and includes new takes on fan favorites "The First Time" and "You Bring Me Back."

"That’s What I’m Talking About" has become an instant crowd pleaser. "That’s probably my favorite original song to play live; that’s a fun one," he says. Steven tells how the song came to be, "I was getting a lot of grief from one of my old drummers. We were hanging out one night and he was complaining that I write too many slow songs, love songs. He wanted me to write something that the girls could dance to and that they could have fun playing. So I was thinking about it for the next couple of days, and I while was in the shower – I always sing in the shower – I came up with the line, ‘That's what I'm talking about.’ So I jumped out, dried off and grabbed my guitar."

Thus, cut number four was born. It truly is that effortless for Clawson. Take the story behind song "Where'd You Go" for example. "When the movie ‘Ray’ came out – he had just passed away, everybody was listening to Ray Charles, and I got listening to some of that slow, jazzy blues. I just made up my mind, because I love to sing that kind of stuff, so I said, ‘Well, I'm just going to write me one.’ I sat on the edge of my bed and came up with it."

"The first line I came up with was 'My bottle's empty, but my glass is full of tears' and I said, 'Oh. Well, I like that line. I could do something with that.’ It was one of those songs that just kind of happened."

Unlike many artists, Clawson doesn't make songwriting dates or appointments and he doesn't set out to co-wrote. "I don't sit down to write songs, I just play. And in the midst of playing, I might find something. I have co-written. It just feels so forced and trite to me though. There are a couple songs on the album that are co-written with a couple of my buddies in my band. We were sitting around after practice, and we wrote them that night. But we didn't sit down to write a song, we just sat down to play music and sometimes when you do that, the songs will come to you. If I have to force a song out, it loses its honesty."

Perhaps it’s his honesty that shines through in his songs that the fans relate to. It could be that amazing voice or that unbelievable sound that he's created. It could be all of these things combined. But one thing’s for certain, Mr. Clawson won’t be refilling your glass of sweet tea anytime soon if he keeps cranking out albums like Restless.

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Real People Reviews

This artist is incredible!! When you here his songs you can almost feel the cool summer breezes from south Georgia. I'm a Georgia Girl myself and these songs are so on key. Steven Clawson is the very example of the soul and passion of the quite southern life. His songs really get inside your heart and stay there-it feels like you know him and the feeling in the song is something your own soul can connect with. This boy has talent and heart, and I'm so proud to say HE'S FROM THOMASVILLE, GEORGIA!!!!!!
~ Lori

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