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Ty Herndon - Encore 
by Christy Cowan-Baker, Journalist/photographer

On Day five of the CMA Fest, our crew headed over to Riverfront Park for what we were sure would be a great afternoon of music and we were not disappointed. On the banks of the picturesque Cumberland River we listened as the crisp, clear voice of Ty Herndon was carried by a gentle breeze through the hot summer air. One phrase immediately came to my mind, ‘He’s baaaaacck’. 

After the concert I had the opportunity to sit down with Herndon and catch up on what he has been doing since his last release. “When I was touring and spending so much time on the bus" he says, "I realized that I actually knew very little about the industry that I’m in so I set out to educate myself on the music business." "On June 5th," he said smiling, "my graduation present came in the form a record deal with Titan/Universal."

Allen Jacobi, president of Titan Pyramid Records said, “It only took us one listen to know we wanted this album on the label and we are thrilled to have Ty with us.” Herndon is equally thrilled.

The album titled Right About Now is already completed and Herndon had the good fortune to have a hand in producing along side three great producers; Darrell Brown, Jonathan Yudkin, and Dennis Matkosky. He was able to take his time, explore the music, and develop incredible, creative partnerships with the producers. He says, with confidence, “these are the best songs I’ve ever recorded.”

Brown, who penned the Keith Urban hits, “Raining On Sunday” and "You’ll Think of Me," contributes seven songs to the album while Matkosky, ("I Need You” - Leann Rimes) contributes three songs, and Yudkin was honored recently as the 2006 Fiddle Player of the Year by Academy of Country Music.

The first single and video are due to be released the last week in September and the full album release will be just in time for Christmas. One of many reasons that Herndon is pleased to be associated with Titan/Universal is because they distribute to Wal-Mart, Target and Best Buy and so this could be the most visible presence, and largest distribution, he has had in his career. In the age of iTunes and the Internet, Herndon has done enough homework to know that Titan is the number one distributor of music on the Internet.

As we finish up our interview on the bank of the Cumberland River, it occurs to me how appropriate the location is since Herndon’s career has much in common with the river. No matter how many obstacles it has to circumvent along the way, it just keeps rolling along and stays true to its course. I've known Ty Herndon for many years now and the same can be said about him.

You can listen to the new single before it is released by logging on to www.myspace.com/tyherndon or visit the official website at www.tyherndon.com.







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Real People Reviews

Just wanted to say Thanks for letting me be a part of CountryStarsOnLine.. I had a blast doing the interview. It's great to be back doing what I love so much. 
Thanks again, 
Ty Herndon 
(Editor: How Cool is That!)


I had the privilege of seeing Ty Herndon at Coyote's in Louisville, Kentucky back in 1999. WOW!!!! I'm still not over it. HOT!!! Any lady that has not seen him live, you are in for a real treat. I don't think I blinked during the whole two hours.
He is the perfect entertainer. Even though it was a small place he performed, it was like being at a big concert. I go speechless when I remember the show he put on. All the songs were great and his voice is one of a kind. I even got to meet him backstage. He seemed so genuine. He was very kind to me and all my friends. I still have his autograph on my refrigerator. I cannot believe that he has not went as high as Elvis in fame. He's that good. He sings wonderful and has the looks and charisma that draw you to him. Men and women alike would have to enjoy his appeal and talent. If he had the right songs and backing, he would explode all over the place!!! He remains one of my favorites.
Jean - Shelbyville, Kentucky


Great article! I was lucky to catch Ty's performance in Colorado this year and it blew me away. I felt like I was hanging out with an old friend just kickin' back and having a great time. I've been a fan of his music from day one and I'm eagerly awaiting his new CD. Hold on to your hats - Ty's a force to be reckoned with!! 


I'm so glad that Ty is back ! I've been watching his tour schedule waiting for him and the band to be close enough for me to attend. Can't wait ! My girlfriend Debbie and I, have attended MANY MANY concerts and one year drove from Oxnard, CA to Phoenix, AZ for the New Year's Eve Concert at the America West Arena. He appeared with Blackhawk. Boy, did we have a good time! The first time I heard Tim was in 1995 (11 years ago) in CA at the CA 
Mid State Fair. When we walked in, at first I thought it was the radio station playing some cool music (Ty) so I had to follow the sound to check it out. I was pleasantly surprised to find Ty and the band doing a sound-check on the stage. Even though it was 100 plus degrees, I stood there, with several other people, listening to that extraordinary voice. Myself, my daughter and two foreign exchange students, attended the four shows he did during the fair. We all got 
autographs and pix from him and the band. To this day, that picture is still THE best picture - of all time.Glad to have him back and look forward to seeing him soon!
Thanks Ty,
Bobbi in Sunny California


Ty Herndon has the most soulful voice of any performer I have heard in years. There is such emotion in his voice when he sings you feel like you are living the songs he sings. His voice is soooo perfect! I heard him sing a gospel song that blew my socks off. I truly respect him as a performer. I can't wait for him to come to Las Vegas again!   
Sincerely, Cheryl


I became a Ty Herndon fan 11 years ago. The first time I heard his debut hit "What Mattered Most", I felt I had heard the VOICE of the century. In the years that followed I was privileged to attend several of his live performances and meet him in person. He's dynamite on stage and can touch hearts with the sincerity conveyed in his meaningful ballads. In spite of the recent lull in his career, I've been convinced that sooner or later some insightful record label would realize that he is a "gift" to the industry and provide the kind of promotion and publicity he deserves. Thank you Titan/Universal for returning this talented artist to a hungry public! (The river always winds to its destiny.)
We'll be listening! 
Donna - Maine 


This is probably too late to matter. I have been a fan of Ty's since I saw him on Star Search back in 1983. It wasn't until 2000 I actually saw him in concert. When he walked out on the stage at the Birchmere in Alexandria, Va. I said to myself, "That is him". He had not changed at all. I met him that night to get an autograph and picture taken with him. In the months to follow I lost that autograph and so a friend and I drove to Nashville for the Ty fan club party so I could get my autograph again. It was there we met up with so many nice fans who talked us into coming back the following year for fan fair. See we were just there for that day and driving the 10 hours back home the next day. But it was so worth it. I'm rather shy and so I don't say much to Ty when I do see him. But I know he recognizes me and once he actually remembered my name. That was a high light. There is no mistaking Ty's beautiful voice. I am so happy about his new record contract. So starting in September people will start saying "wow that is the guy Wanda is always taking about". Thank you for reading my story. 
Wanda from Virginia


Ty Herndon is with out a doubt the most talented country music singer to date! I have been to several of his live concerts, have all of his cd's and am anxiously awaiting the new cd "Right About Now". Ty was not given a fair shake in the early years and I hope that this time he will get all the recognition that he deserves! 


This is a nice article. Ty Herndon is one of the best singers in country music. I wish him all the luck in the world. 


Ty Herndon has the best voice in country music and for that matter any genre of music. Right now his voice is stronger than ever and I can't wait to hear him back on the airways! Thanks to you for such a great article.


I am just so glad that Ty Herndon is back. Ty is finally getting back what he truly deserves. I can't wait to get my copy of the new CD. I have waited a long time for this. I am sure it is a great album. I believe that great things come to those who wait. Ty Herndon is the greatest. 
Tammy from Las Vegas, Nevada


I love, love, love Ty Herndon. Thanks so much for bringing this great article to us!!!!

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