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2009 MySpace Slideshow Audio only
Jason Scott - - interviewed at CMA Music Festival.    

Veronica Ballestrini - interviewed at CMA Music Festival.



Richie Fields - - interviewed at CMA Music Festival.



Megan Munroe - interviewed at CMA Music Festival.


Joanna Smith - interviewed at CMA Music Festival.    
Amber Rhodes - - interviewed at CMA Music Festival.    
Tammy Cochran - - interviewed at CMA Music Festival.    
One Flew South - - interviewed at CMA Music Festival.    
Mark Wills

Mark Wills has a new greatest hits package out titled Second Time Around, and he recently called in to CSO to get us up to date.
Running Time: 11:30  - File Type: MP3

Tracy Lawrence

Tracy Lawrence hosted his annual Charity Golf Classic and CSO was there. Listen here to Kicker 102.5's Mario Garcia doing an interview with Tracy Lawrence before tee time.
Running Time: 4:58  - File Type: MP3

Danielle Peck

It's Friday 1/9/09 and we are pleased to bring you our very first interview of the new year... Danielle Peck has a new single on the radio and a new digitally released album for sale. Find out about all of it and more.
Running Time: 9:15  - File Type: MP3

2008 MySpace Slideshow Audio only
Ansel Brown

AB took a little time out of his busy Holiday schedule to give us an update on his latest single and a big special download opportunity where you'll have a chance to win tickets to this seasons Super Bowl. Check it out!
Running Time: 9:15  - File Type: MP3

Kevin Costner & Modern West

Yes, that Kevin Costner... he has a band, he has a debut album, he has his songs on the radio, and he was kind enough to grant CSO an interview.
Running Time: 10:19  - File Type: MP3

River County

They're "Rockin' The Country"... meet a little band with a big sound called River County. They hail from Whiteland, IN where traditional country comes out of amps apparently turned up to 11.
Running Time: 9:44  - File Type: MP3

Adam Gregory

Adam is off the road very briefly and on the cab ride home from the airport he graciously took some time to fill in CSO listeners about his new record company and new single titled "What It Takes".
Running Time: 6:50  - File Type: MP3

John Michael Montgomery

John Michael Montgomery is out with his first new CD in almost 5 years and and feeling better than he has in the last 10. He's "ready to ROCK, country style," as he states in this interview.
Running Time: 19:23  - File Type: MP3

Chad Brock

Chad Brock joins us from his home in Florida to talk a little politics and explain the meaning behind his latest single "Put A Redneck In The Whitehouse".
Running Time: 15:47  - File Type: MP3

Leona Williams

After several tries Leona Williams and Jim Weaver finally had the chance to meet over the phone and the result is your opportunity to learn a more of our roots, and what one of the grand ladies of country music is doing today.
Running Time: 10:32 - File Type: MP3


With a new single at radio and a new CD in the works, this hard-working touring band is doing just that and more. Get caught up with what's up with Heartland.
Running Time: 10:32 - File Type: MP3


On the release of her new single to radio, "Drank Myself To Bed," Sharmian get us caught up with the progress of her CD, Reality Show and much more.
Running Time: 10:32 - File Type: MP3

Megan Linville

Young Megan Linville comes from a great family tradition of songwriters dating back to... well you should listen and find out. Linville talks about her five song sampler, the new Ronnie McDowell video she's going to be in and much more.
Running Time: 10:42 - File Type: MP3

Becky Schlegel

This soft-spoken song writer/performer is out with her 3rd CD, but it's her first national release. Needless to say, Schlegel is a little overwhelmed by it's success so far. Meet and hear Becky Schlegel.
Running Time: 12:42 - File Type: MP3

Zane Lewis

Texan Zane Lewis is just back from his first experience at the CMA Music Festival, he's just released his second single from his self-titled CD and describes his music as "amped-up"... it fits.
Running Time: 12:42 - File Type: MP3

Ray Scott

Ray Scott and Jim Weaver, both still recovering from last weeks CMA Music Festival, got caught up on Ray's new CD titled Crazy Like Me. Plus the debate is on, which song should be the "official" first single released to radio.

Running Time: 12:42 - File Type: MP3

Rissi Palmer

Rissi Palmer talked to Jim Weaver just a few days before the CMA Music Festival about her success so far in 2008 with her debut CD, her current single titled "No Air," plans for album #2 and her Yorkie dog named Jeremiah.
Running Time: 12:34 - File Type: MP3

Shawna Russell

Meet Shawna Russell, a young lady who is no stranger to the road having been a touring musician, singer and songwriter for many years already. But now that the spotlight is on her, this is a whole new ballgame. In this interview, Russell tells us a little about the past and a lot about her debut CD, Goddess.
Running Time: 9:03 - File Type: MP3

Cody McCarver

Cody McCarver is coming off a very successful 2007 and trying to keep the momentum building in '08. In this interview he shares the story behind his impact song titled "In God's Eyes," new info on when his CD will be in stores and his new single hitting radio stations right now.
Running Time: 16:13 - File Type: MP3

Jeff Bates

It was a Monday, day like any other day... oh except Jim Weaver gets to chat with Jeff Bates! How cool is that! Bates has a new record, and new record label, and he say's that this CD, simply titled Jeff Bates, is "the most honest and accurate representation of me and my music yet." Listen here as Bates fills in the blanks.
Running Time: 17:58 - File Type: MP3

Chris Cagle

Chris Cagle has a new album titled My Life Is A Country Song, and a Top 5 single with "What Kinda Gone." Cagle shared some time with CSO's Jim Weaver on April Fools  Day to get us up to date. Our apologies for the over driven audio on Jim's parts, Chris was having a hard time hearing Jim so... we had to crank it up.
Running Time: 8:17 - File Type: MP3

Michael Dean Church

From humble beginnings in West Virginia to Nashville and his latest, somewhat controversial, single titled "Why Can't You Forgive Me"... Jim Weaver interviews Michael Dean Church on CSO and CSO Radio. 
Running Time: 12:17 - File Type: MP3

DeAnne Moore

DeAnne Moore is a relative newbie to the music industry but she has jumped in with both feet and fired up to make a mark. Her debut CD is out and downloadable, find out more about Ms. Moore as she talks to Jim Weaver here on CSO and listen for her single on CSORadio.
Running Time: 10:33 - File Type: MP3

Tresa Jordan

Tresa Jordan is simply one of Jim Weaver's favorite people in Nashville, so when another opportunity presented itself to get caught up with her, he was all over it. Find out about her cable TV show, her new single and more, right here.
Running Time: 14:47 - File Type: MP3

Amber Rhodes

CSO is very excited to have as our first of many interviews scheduled for 2008, Amber Rhodes. While in Nashville recently Amber took some time out from writing and recording to make a phone call to Jim Weaver, and gives us a little insight into the world of a country singer who lives in New York City.
Running Time: 14:41 - File Type: MP3


Relaxing at home between tour dates three members of the band Heartland took a little time to get CSO updated on their latest single and their upcoming new CD release for 2008.
Running Time: 12:58 - File Type: MP3

Ranger Doug of Riders In The Sky

2007 is the 100th anniversary of the birth of Gene Autry and Riders In The Sky have just re-released a tribute CD titled Public Cowboy #1: A Centennial Salute to the Music of Gene Autry. Ranger Doug, lead yodeler and all 'round neat dude, spent some time with Jim Weaver to talk about the "W" in C&W music, the tribute CD and more.
Running Time: 17:55 - File Type: MP3

Jason Meadows

Jason Meadows is excited, and he has plenty of reason to be with his debut CD titled 100% Cowboy in stores, latest single climbing the charts, hitting the Walmarts, meeting fans and signing autographs. CSO caught up with him between in-store appearances so get ready to meet a ropin', ridin' guitar slingin' 100% Cowboy.
Running Time: 15:28 - File Type: MP3


Sharmian gives us a nice introduction to her life and career as she preps for her debut CD release coming up in July. Plus, we also had a chance to meet and talk to Todd Milsap, Ronnie's son and found out about a new project he's involved in helping new artists get their start.
Running Time: 20:15 - File Type: MP3

Miranda Lambert

Miranda Lambert was hangin' out at the Sony/BMG Nashville offices after last night's CMT Awards and they thought it was the perfect time to talk to CSO and give us a little update on her new CD titled Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. 
Running Time: 9:15 - File Type: MP3

Tresa Jordan

You've read the reviews, you seen the video, you've heard the music, now learn more about the life and love of "On The Verge" artist Tresa Jordan. Jordan reveals the roots to her rootsy-style, a funny introduction to snow story,  drops a hint about a possible TV show and much more. 
Running Time: 22:57 - File Type: MP3

Patti Hall

Patti Hall graciously took a little time out of her vacation to hop on the phone with CSO's Jim Weaver for a get acquainted session recently. The Seattle native talks about her home town, influences, the early days and her new project just under way.
Running Time: 15:32 - File Type: MP3

Bryan Simpson of Cadillac Sky

Weather you call it Bluegrass or Newgrass, it's just good music. Jim Weaver talks with founding member and vocalist of Cadillac Sky. Their CD titled Blind Man Walking, is out on Skaggs Family Records, find out why you need to hear it.
Running Time: 20:25 - File Type: MP3

Kathie Baillie

After years of being 1/3 of Baillie And The Boys, Kathie Baillie has struck out on her own with her first solo project. Find out what she's been up to and where she's headed.
Running Time: 15:36 - File Type: MP3

Tracy Lawrence

Top 30 single, Top 10 album, manager, publisher and now Record Executive... Tracy Lawrence is a busy man indeed. Luckily he had some time to kick his feet up and get us up to date on his new CD For The Love, and a peak at what's ahead.
Running Time: 10:57 - File Type: MP3

Tammy Cochran

In the midst of preparing her new CD titled Where I Am for release on February 20th, the multi-talented Tammy Cochran took a little time to share some thoughts about it with CSO's Jim Weaver.
Running Time: 10:57 - File Type: MP3

Ansel Brown

Another Monday and another artist for you to listen to on CSO. A lot of fans are itchin' to find out when that debut CD is going to be available, so was Jim Weaver, so he called AB to get the scoop, he ended up getting a whole lot more.
Running Time: 25:31 - File Type: MP3

Daniel Lee Martin

Daniel Lee Martin called CSO's Jim Weaver on Monday, January 15th from a fishing boat in the Gulf of Mexico. Why would he do that, you ask? To promote his new Cable show titled Backstage & Backroads with Daniel Lee Martin. Find out what Martin is up to with show and a little sneak peek at his sophomore CD. 
Running Time: 16:49 - File Type: MP3

Ty Herndon

On the comeback trail, Ty Herndon's latest CD titled Right About Now, hits the store shelves on Tuesday, January 9th. On Monday the 8th, Ty spent a little time on the phone with Jim Weaver to bring the fans up to date on his life, his recovery and his music. So for our first interview of the new year, click the play button on the right.
Running Time: 13:56 - File Type: MP3

Cody McCarver

Introducing Cody McCarver, this young man from Tennessee has been a professional working musician for 15 years and now it's time to step off the porch and do his own thing. In this interview Cody talks about his beginnings, his debut CD titled Peace, Love & Coondawgs, upcoming projects and much more.
Running Time: 13:59 - File Type: MP3

DeLana Stevens

CSO invites you to meet a talented young lady named DeLana Stevens originally from Basin, Wyoming and now living, working and singing in Nashville. DeLana talks about the struggles of getting from point A to point B in the music business, her debut CD and more.
Running Time: 13:59 - File Type: MP3

Earl Brown - Sacred Cowboys - Part 1 & 2

Last Tuesday November 14th Jim Weaver had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing the man behind the legend... Actor, Singer, Musician Earl Brown. Earl plays Dan Dority on the poplar HBO series Deadwood, plus you should recognize him from his role as Warren in the movie There's Something About Mary. The conversation ran almost 40 minutes so we have split it into two parts. Part 1 - learn about the origins of the hard country band named Sacred Cowboys. Part 2 - The conversation continues about Sacred Cowboys, Deadwood, other acting projects and more.
Language Warning!
There are a couple of instances where the language gets a little salty, nothing you won't hear during prime-time network TV, but don't say you weren't warned.
Running Time: 19:01/18:18 - File Type: MP3

Part 1

Part 2

Cowboy Crush

Five of CSO's favorite people known as Cowboy Crush, got together in a studio on Wednesday 11/8 to talk on the phone to Jim Weaver. It was a conversation that was over two years in the making and well worth the wait.
Running Time: 23:09 - File Type: MP3

Aly Cook

November 8, 2006 - We featured New Zealand country artist Aly Cook's video titled "Country Storm" last week on the main page. While I was emailing back and forth with Aly to get permission to use the video, the idea came up about doing an interview, so we did. Aly meet the world, world... meet Aly! One word of warning, this recording is not the best quality, Aly sounds a bit muffled and there is an odd echo that cropped up when I was speaking from time to time, but when you consider how many phone companies and thousands of miles between her phone and mine, it's pretty darn cool.
Running Time: 15:17  - File Type: MP3

Darryl Worley

November 5, 2006 - We're just a couple of weeks away from the release of Darryl Worley's latest CD titled Here & Now, Jim Weaver had the pleasure of spending a little time with him on the phone last Friday, 11/3.  
Running Time: 11:47 - File Type: MP3

Brooks & Dunn

November 4, 2006 - Every year before the CMA's the lucky host(s) have what's known as a Press Day where they sit in a studio all day long and talk to radio, TV and yes, even websites like CSO. It's a grueling day for them but we thank B&D very much for sharing a little of their valuable time with us.
Running Time: 4:39 - File Type: MP3

Chris Young

October 31, 2006 - Spooky as it may seem, Chris Young and Jim Weaver got together on Halloween to talk about life since Nashville Star. So while on a short rest from the road and on his way to the dentist, Chris pulled out his cell phone and gave Jim call.
Running Time:15:19 - File Type: MP3

Ray Scott

October 27, 2006 - Warner Brothers Nashville recording artist Ray Scott talks with Jim Weaver about the past year after his debut CD My Kind Of Music, playing the Opry for the first and 23rd time, Road stories, Deadwood, and he needs your help with his new CD.
Running Time: 15:59 - File Type: MP3

Traci Kennedy

October 1, 2006 - Traci Kennedy talks with Jim Weaver about her debut CD, growing up with American country music in Canada and her late father to whom this CD is dedicated.
Running Time: 12:29 - File Type: MP3


September 28, 2006 - Biz Haddock of the Texas based trio Lantana, talked with Jim Weaver about their debut CD, the origins on the band and Texas Music in general.

Running time: 12:18 - File Type: MP3

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