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3 Fox Drive - Listen To The Music
By Jim Moulton

3 Fox Drive are Kim Fox/lead and harmony vocals, guitar, Barb Fox/Lead and harmony vocals, Joel Fox / harmony vocals, banjo, Mike Anglin / bass, Megan Lynch / fiddle, Jim Reed / mandolin, lead guitar. Guest musicians include Eric Darken / percussion and great Dobro player Randy Kohrs.

One word to describe this group; refreshing. Their instruments shine. Their three part harmonies are sweet.

Jim Reed plays some real nice mandolin with a great mellow tone. Megan Lynch can downright take your breath away with her fiddle sometimes. Mike Anglin is a very good fundamental bassist. Eric Darkin adds some nice subtle percussion. Randy Kohrs' Dobro playing is incredible. Kohrs is the best instrumentalist on the disc adding inspiration to the other musicians.

The song selection is very good, seven by Kim Fox. It is a very hi-fi uplifting recording. The vocals are very newgrass sounding while the music has a modern bluegrass sound. Wish they would have told which Fox was singing lead on different songs, both lead vocalists are great, you just do not know who is singing. Some of the best material is written by Fox.

They start out with The Doobie Brothers' "Listen To The Music" , very nice newgrass version.

"This Little House Of Mine" is a slow beauty of a ballad, some real nice Dobro and a real powerful song. Great lead vocal and great harmonies. (Fox)

"Slow Me Down" (Shelby Lynne) is is an upbeat, bluesy sounding tune that cooks. Great fiddle and awesome Dobro and mandolin. Love this recording, definitely just the right amount of instrumentation. Not overdone, underdone, cooked just right with a live vibe.

"Short Walk To The Moon" (Fox) is a beautiful, emotive slow love song. Real nice rhythm guitar. Great Dobro. Lynch really shows her fiddle skills here. The vocals are so tight. This song is packed with a great melody and plenty of great hooks.

"Man Behind The Wall" (Fox) is simply a great song with outstanding vocals and harmonies and great Dobro by Randy Kohrs. Real great lyrics. Mid-tempo song.

"Here Comes That Feeling Again" (Market/Rickman) is a sweet mid-tempo song about love gone wrong and dealin' with memories. More great harmonies. Nice guitar break.

In Summary, 3 Fox Drive are an exciting new group that started out as the Fox Family, They got it just right. Recorded at Colemine Studios/Smyrna, Tennessee. Mixed and mastered by Randy Leroy of Final Stage Mastering.

Kim Fox writes the sweetest ballads that I have ever heard, a real master of lyrics and melodies with plenty of great hooks. If you like the Greencards, good chance that you will like 3 Fox Drive. 

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Listen To The Music song list:

1. Listen To The Music 
2. This Little House Of Mine 
3. Slow Me Down 
4. Short Walk To The Moon
5. Cold At the Bottom Of Your Heart
6. Man Behind The Wall 
7. Here Comes That Feeling Again 
8. An Eye For An Eye
9. It Always Rains When I'm Lonesome 
10. Between


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