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Amos Lee - Amos Lee
CD Review by Jim Moulton

Twenty Seven year old Amos Lee (former school teacher) is a brilliant new, rootsy sounding singer-songwriter. His first disc is an eleven song sparse affair showcasing both his songwriting skills and vocal prowess. 

Amos started playing guitar and writing songs while in the University of South Carolina in 1995. He was singing at open mike nights and released a couple of EPs which sold out, before he was signed by Blue Note Records. He was opening for people like Bob Dylan, BB King and Mose Allison. His break came when Norah Jones liked his music. Last year (2004), she invited him to open up for her European Tour, on the road for six months, singing to crowds of three to five thousand people with just him and his guitar.

Amos says his favorite time in music is 1970-75. (Mine too) His two favorite albums are "Harvest" by Neil Young and John Prines's first Album. Favorite song is Prine's "Angel From Montgomery" (Love that too). Bill Withers is another big influence. 

Amos sang "Arms Of A Woman" on Jay Leno recently. I was really impressed at his intensity and his impressive guitar pickin', he had just bass, drums and a lead guitar with him. He really seemed to grab the crowd with this slow bluesy song. His voice is interesting, he has one of the purest falsetto's that I have ever heard and he is a very good lyricist.

"Colors" - A mid-tempo tune where he shows off that falsetto. "When you are gone, the colors seem to fade". 

Love the texture of the recording, very warm, his vocals sound live. Just a brilliant ,analog sounding disc. One of the hot tunes on the disc is a two minute masterpiece called "Bottom Of The Barrell" - real upbeat and bouncy with some real catchy lyrics.

"Black River" - A slow, emotive, dark colored, jazzy song. Some brilliant guitar fades in the background. His vocals are great on this.

Amos is off to a great start with this great set of songs. His real passion seems to be performing, he is always on the road. 


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