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Bellamy Brothers - Angels & Outlaws Vol.1
CD Review by Jim Moulton

You should really get this CD if you are a country music fan. Why? Well, they just don't make music like this anymore. This is real country music with some of the legends of country music singing with the Bellamy Brothers. This is twelve of their most popular songs with another CD to be released.

"You Ain't Just Whistlin Dixie" with Alan Jackson opens up the disc with a song made for him. Every artist, but Alan sings along with the Bellamy Brothers Band. Not Alan, first off, his track is recorded at Emarald Studio, probably Nashville's best. Produced by Alan's producer Keith Stegall. He brings in Nashvilles' best to play on the track with him and the Bellamy's, Eddie Bayers on drums, Paul Franklin on steel, Brent Mason on lead guitar, Glenn Worf on bass and Stuart Duncan on mandolin. Just some great lyrics and awesome guitar pickin' from Brent Mason and some real solid drums from Bayers. Terry McMillan on harmonica adds a lot to the song, the pedal steel has that old fashioned pedal steel sound. The Brothers seem to be having fun singing with Alan. Great Song.

I Love "Old Hippie" with Montgomery Gentry, some real great lyrics and chickaboom guitar. Great old time steel again. Great Harmonies. The Bellamy Brothers produced the rest of the disc and do a great job. Mastered by Hank Williams - Mastermix.

"Guardian Angel" is genius with Willie Nelson. Honestly this sound reminds me a bit of the old outlaw country sound. "Don't go any faster than your Guardian Angel can Fly". The Bellamy Brothers Band are superb with some help from guests Chris Hillman (mandolin) and Hunter Berry (fiddle) Rhonda Vincent and others.

"Redneck Girl" with Pat Green has a real tight band playin some great country rock. Love the walkin bass on this song.
I would consider this recording more a musical/vocal event than just another CD. Awesome lead guitar by Devon Breshears.

This is from the golden era of country music, today we are living mostly in a post country music era where if you hear a real country music song on the radio, it's an old Vince Gill song or Patty Loveless song. What you hear on play for pay country radio (don't listen to personally) is mostly rock music with some country embellishments if you are lucky. You hear the stars like Toby Keith, The Musiz Mafia (Big and Rich , Gretchen Wilson) etc.

"Kids Of The Baby Boom" with Bobby Bare and Charlie Daniels is an incredible song with lots of good lyrics. Great percussive stuff. Wow, so great to hear Charlie Daniels voice. Get this for some great real country sounding music.     Well, thanks fellas, for putting lots of effort into a great sounding country record. Looking forward to Vol. 2.


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