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Big Blue Hearts - Here Come Those Dreams Again
By: George Peden, CSO Staff Journalist

And now for something different…sort of: Big Blue Hearts. This California-based outfit with David Fisher on vocals and guitar, Greg Sobol on drums, and bassist JB Burton with Scott Minchk on guitar may play and sing with shades of the familiar, but they come wrapped in enough originality to make them an exciting find.

David Fisher carries the envied curse of sounding like Chris Isaak. Or is it Raul Malo of Mavericks fame? No, wait. Is there a haunting Roy Orbison in the warbling? Whatever the vocal DNA, it’s melodic, smooth and easy. The aural senses enjoy the tease as Fisher confidently delivers with an enjoyable brand of gloom, all tied to his mainly self-written or co-written tracks.

On to the album: The mood of the 10 tracks (be sure to listen for a hidden track) is mainly slow and sensual, with lyrics that test the mettle of those in love, or those who want to be. But the overall sound, rather than having you hunting for a bottle and running a warm bath, is slick and engaging. Having said that, Fisher and the boys know how to ring out the heartache; their often three-part harmony lends itself to a marriage of hurtin’ and achin’ sentiment, while stylish guitar riffs and solos take the music to a pleasing plateau. If this is misery, give me more.

Produced by Fisher, he’s weaved a tight, twangy and shaded sound, aided with analog recording, into a listenable album of love, torment and heart-on-your-sleeve mood-catching perfection. Tracks like ‘Loving You”, or the darkly atmospheric “Dreamin’ Of A Woman,” or the pounded and rocky “Here Come Those Dreams Again” all show pleasing diversity. Other love-laden tracks, highlighted by Fisher’s seemingly effortless vocals, include “Ordinary People” and the melodic heart pull of “You Can’t Lose What You Never Had”. “Love Or Something Like It” is an easy blend of expressive guitar and pained love. Along with the mentioned tracks, it complements as an image-maker – an ideal for the suit and ties worn in concert by the band. 

Big Blue Hearts come stylish, moody and lyrically clear – it’s all about love. If you like the relaxed vibe of a band who can lead with their emotions, keen and obvious, this is for you. Fisher and company may offer subtle similarities, but the comparisons quickly fade when you realize these guys arrive influenced by more, far more, than imitation. 

The album is out now on Eagle Eye Records.

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Official Site: www.BigBlueHearts.com   

Here Comes Those Dreams Again song list:

1. Lovin' You 
2. Love Or Something Like It 
3. Dreamin' Of A Woman
4. Here Come Those Dreams Again 
5. Ordinary People
6. You Can't Lose What You Never Had
7. Too Much
8. Don't Mind Messin' 
9. Feel So Right 
10. What Would You Do 


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Real People Reviews

The 1st song on the album is a solid hit, too bad their an independent. With a major label it might have made the top 10. The rest of the album is a mix of a little bit country and pop, and for the most part very good. I've seen this group live and it's refreshing, I'm looking forward to there next offering.
~ Tom


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