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CSO/CMA Country Artist Profile

Bobby Pinson
By Gary Voorhies

Raised in a string of small Texas panhandle towns, Bobby Pinson is the son of a high school football coach and an elementary school teacher. Collectively the towns were "50 miles past the middle of nowhere in the land of wind and dirt. Where football was life, Dad was boss and Christ was King," Pinson said.

Poet and songwriter Shel Silverstein fascinated Pinson as a child. This led him to competition in the Texas Universal Interscholastic League (UIL), which sponsors storytelling and writing contests. Pinson recalled that when he was a third grader they'd read a story, and then "they'd call your name and you would have to tell that story back in three minutes. The child with the most descriptive story and most animated performance won." He participated in UIL throughout high school.

"As you get older, it's poetry, prose, extemporaneous speaking, and then dramatic interpretation. Over the years, I have incorporated those storytelling skills into my singing style and stage presence," Pinson said.

Pinson starting writing songs after graduating from high school. He soon joined the Army and incorporated music into his military service, playing for Army base events. After his discharge, Pinson said he moved to Nashville in 1996 with a "sack full of songs that weren't worth packing." 

After two publishing deals and years of effort, he began to get cuts by acts including LeAnn Rimes, Blake Shelton and Marty Stuart. Next, Pinson started to play artist/writer showcases around Music City.

Producer Joe Scaife heard Pinson and agreed to produce when he later signed with RCA Records. Pinson's debut album, Man Like Me, was released on May 17. It's an album Pinson described as a mix of Country roots, rock 'n' roll energy and down-to-earth lyrics, giving the feel of "a John Deere tractor with an airplane engine."


If you could go back in time what year/era would you visit and why?
"The years that Jesus was on earth. I've hung with Jesus, but never in person."

Do you have a lucky charm? "Buck, my lucky straw hat."

If you wrote an autobiography, what would the title be? 
"Gutter and Grace."

Who is your dream duet partner and why? "Bruce Springsteen and Steve Earle . Those are the guys that I hope would hear my records and say 'Yeah Man, Hell Yeah!'"

What instrument do you wish you could play? "Cello and Jew's harp."

When they look back on your life in 50 years, what do you hope people say about you? "Bobby Pinson treated people right. He was colorful, passionate, sincere and loyal to his wife. He was a pain in the butt and he still owes me twenty bucks, but he was my friend."

What does Country Music mean to you? "Country Music is the soundtrack to my life. Country songs have busted me up and fixed me. I want to write and sing my song in hopes of doing to someone what Country Music has done to me. Country Music is lovin', losin', chasin', stayin', leavin', cheatin', learnin', drinkin', laughin', cryin', dancin', drivin', hurtin', healin', missin' and movin' on!"

On the Web: www.bobbypinson.com

2005 CMA Close Up News Service / Country Music Association, Inc.


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