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Cherryholmes - Cherryholmes
CD Review by Jim Moulton

Cherryholmes is a tremendous traditional, bluegrass experience. This, their self-titled fourth CD, is produced by Ben Isaacs of The Isaacs. Mom, Pop, two sisters and two brothers make up this incredible group. Inspired by the death of their oldest daughter Shelly, who died tragically at the age of twenty, from a heart condition. This group basically lives on the road and they sing and play everything on this CD. A very natural recording, very little use of any effects. Sandy (mom) on mandolin, Jere (pop) on bass, Cia on banjo and many lead vocals, Skip on guitar, BJ and Molly on fiddle, plus they all sing.  

The prettiest song on the disc is Cia singing "He Goes To Church" - Cia has a sweet, rich voice. Great story about a man who lost his church going wife and starts going himself.

A tremendous song is "No One To Sing For Me", it's an acapella version of a Louvin Brothers song that is just incredible with all six singing harmony.

"Brand New Heartache" is a high octane bluegrass ballad sang emotively by Cia. The instrument playing is incredible, especially the interaction as a whole. They play as one. Really like the twin fiddle sound.

Sometimes they go to an old-time hi lonesome sound, such is the case of "Heart As Cold As Stone" sung by Cia. The harmonies are sweet. Great mandolin by Sandy. Great banjo by Cia.

The CD opens up cooking with Cia singing the lead on "How Long" with incredible banjo pickin' by Cia. Real nice guitar break by Skip. 

"Tallahassee" is a great Bill Monroe song for BJ and Molly to showcase their fiddle work on. They really feed off of each other.

"Coastline", ironically is an impressionistic song to show the power of the hurricanes of 2004 by instrumental music.

On these fourteen tracks, most everyone sings lead on at least one track, most songs are written by the Cherryholmes. This group can play with the best bluegrass groups around. They are very dynamic, yet traditional. I must say, this CD has the prettiest artwork that I have ever seen on a CD. 


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