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What I like about Craig Morgan 
By Shari Anne Ether

With curls to rival Little Orphan Annie and dimples that would make the Grand Canyon jealous, Craig Morgan wowed a packed house at The Longbranch Saloon in Raleigh NC last night. Opening with "Iím Country" from Morganís new album entitled My Kind of Livin, the audience joined in regaling the red neck anthem with pride and much enthusiasm.

Morganís set list was varied enough for any country music lover both old and new, including a soulful rendition of John Conleeís "Rose Colored Glasses." In a celebration of Morganís 17 years of marriage, he joyously sang "Baby Look At Us."

The audience gladly took over the final chorus of Morganís latest #1 hit, "What I Like About Sunday," while the artist held the microphone over their heads and flashed those Grand Canyon dimples. The small club atmosphere of The Longbranch Saloon was the perfect showcase for Morganís talents, both vocal and instrumental. He is the whole package, folks, a treat for both the ear and the eye. What do I like about Craig Morgan? Everything.

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